Demigod WIP

Hey guys I know I know I’m a lazy procrastinator. I just realized that there is no ( none that I can find anyways ) Demigod WIP’s here and I thought that was a shame so I shall TRY to make one. Please don’t be mad at me for being a procrastinator.


Your procrastination is better then none at all

Cool, and of course I wouldn’t be mad although I feel like the exact opposite of a procrastinator.

Well there WAS a game i was looking forward to, “New Age: Birth of a God” where you played as a god and all but it seems to have gone silent…

Id LOVE to see another game similar to it~ :slight_smile: Demigod seems cool~ Id like to know more! There are so many cool games this time!

Well I like the idea since there are so many choices like water and earth powers for Poseidon Lightning and Air powers for Zeus and Necromancy and Fire for hades. And then all the other ones. It could even be made in the style of a kind of Percy Jackson like feel to it.

@Beezlebub Are you taking a lot of insperation from the Percy Jackson series? It’s a really good one, abeit for Young Adults and probably not as appealing to older bookworms, but it seems like it would be hard to create a world populated with Demigods without making it simular to Rick Riordan’s view on it. Whenever a writer beats you to the punch it always seems like it’ll be impossible to top. Good luck on your story! :stuck_out_tongue:

No it won’t be based completely off Percy Jackson for one the story will take place in London. Well hopefully if I overcome my laziness.

This looks like a great idea and something I would definitely be interested in playing! Quick question: will the Demigods be based off actual ones in mythology or ones you have created yourself?

What gods do you get to choose from? aka Greek, Roman, Norse

Greek. But now that you mention it I could add in a Norse and Egyptian demigod option although that’s a LOT more choices. Hmm.

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Somebody help me come up with a good way to introduce stats. I’m lost on how to do that without it seeming to convoluted.

You could start as a slave on sale?

I think that the demigods available should start from different perspectives. For example: say you had an option to be Fenrir from Norse mythology, you could start in the unbreakable chains from the stories. Or some other character could start as a slave like Royalist mentioned.

You wouldn’t star off as a main character. Only a demigod son or daughter of a god.

All 3

I like the idea of all 3 mythologies
But of course no one could be the daughter of Artemis

What about being Windigo :smiley: even though he’s no son of any god.

Does Fenrir still count as a Demigod? He is the son of a God and Non-God right? (Loki and someone else)

well i like the idea but if your a demigod in Egyptian wouldn’t that just basically make you the pharaohs son since they saw the pharaohs as demigods or is it like you would select to be Hercules from Greek myths and it would be pretty cool if one of the options if you do choose a demigod (at least for roman) if you could choose to be Romulus because well you know B-)

I think Demigod is referred as a god and human plus fenrir’s parents are a god and a giantess and if his sisters a god I think so is he