How to execute this idea

So I already had a plan for a game. It was based on the Titanomachy in the Greek Mythology. I just have no idea how to take it. I like both equally.

I can either do it by a sort of storytelling. Where the player is actually a kid that is told the story orally. He can choose about which god he wants to hear and then hears about their story and the role they played in the war. So then the player chooses and they get to play the story and the role they had in the war. They’ll be put in the same situations as the specific mentioned god they play but can make different choices and affect the game that way. Which affects both other gods stories and the ending.

Either that or the player would be a younger generation god and they play through the war and I’ll make up a story and blabla.


I like the second option better. Part of the appeal to these games, to me, is being able to inject myself into the protagonist in the story, and being able to make up a new character and pick their name and some other qualities for/of them is definitely part of that.

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I agree with SCJunkie. When in doubt, always choose the route with more action. The former is a passive role; the latter is an active role.

You could also combine the two, with a prologue/epilogue of a child being told the story while the player character is the God.

I second @indykatya’s prologue/epilogue idea.

@GeniusKid i like #2 better, a young gods rise to power sounds amazing

That sounds good. I was also toying with the idea to make it the second option first and maybe make the storytelling a spin off, or a DLC I guess.

@GeniusKid maybe pick a god as your parent/parents and have them telling the story about MC

Nice idea :smiley: like the second version better since it looks like more manageable and personal.

I support the second version too. The first one sounds more like a book.

I also think that the second option sounds better

I want to be an evil god!!! Everything is mine!! Muahahahahahaha!!! And the second option is more good.