Rise of the Titan [Planning]

Hello everyone! My name is Vlad and I’m starting my own CoG project. At the moment it’s just an idea as I start fiddling around with Choicescript (I have very little coding experience) but I wanted to get some opinions on the subject.

The story will be set in a standard fantasy universe, with the presence of magic, fantasy races etc. and focus around a regular being ascending to demigodhood, a titan, in other words. Basically, I plan on giving the player the opportunity to play an enormously powerful character right from the start, and use said power as he pleases. Persuade or intimidate people into following you, set up your own religion or stay unnoticed, befriend or battle other titans, find romance with your peers or among ordinary humans, and more stuff. Of course, right now, it’s still just an idea in my head, as I’m starting to edit the story. But would anyone be interested in this? :smiley:


Hm, kind of reminds me of choice of the dragon, in a way. I like this idea, I would probably buy it if you made it.

Sounds interesting enough! I might be kinda confused on the titan to demigod plot, since I’m led to believe titans came before gods and were stronger, but it’s your story, keep it how you want.

Also, “Choice of” is reserved for games published under the original CoG label, though you could actually be writing for them, I wouldn’t know.

I’ll keep an eye on this one- interested to see how this goes.

@The_Ravenclaw: it’s actually inspired by CotD, yes, but hopefully it won’t be too close to it xD

@Caddmuss: I’m not writing for CoG, and thanks for pointing that out. I’ll try to think of a different name.
Also, my titans aren’t really based on the ones in Greek mythology. “Titan” is more of a title, and it simply refers to very powerful beings. They haven’t really played any part in the creation of my yet unnamed world, so they’re not exactly gods, but the people don’t know that either, something that a titan can definitely use to his advantage c:

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I can’t wait to be a powerful religious figure *evil grin* no idiots in my kingdom!

Sounds like a good idea – go for it!

Yeah, each universe need a Poison Charming goddess. Look a very interesting setting, looking foward to spread chaos and evilness.

“Rise of the Titan”

An alternative title for you!

@Nocturnal_Stillness Isn’t there a movie called Rise of The Titans? I think that could cause problems.

@The_Ravenclaw I think you’re referring to Clash of the Titans? Anw, I thought of exactly the same name xD but for some reason, I can’t edit my thread. Oh well

Oh, okay, I didn’t watch the movie, I think I thought of another movie and combined the titles. EPIC FAIL!

Name changed. Just give me another shout if you have a different name idea.

@FairyGodfeather, thanks! Rise of the Titan sounds great, and I think it fits the concept well. I’ll stick with it :smiley:


there was an old 60s movies called Clash of the Titans which was remade a few years ago and was followed by a sequel called Wrath of the Titans. - which was what gave me the idea lol

Guys, if I were to upload a (very short) demo, how would I have to go about it?

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You could put it in dropbox. There was a thread about it somewhere…

EDIT: Here, does this help? http://www.choiceofgames.com/forum/discussion/390/hosting-works-in-progess#Item_27

Looking forward to seeing your game! I blame Percy Jackson for drawing my attention to anything containing the words “demigod”, “Olympians” and “Titans” :smiley:

I see the same similarities as @The_Ravenclaw; and I rather enjoyed Choice of the Dragon, so give it a whirl.

@RingoStar thank you! As soon as I have a presentable demo I’ll add a link here :smiley:

@Drazen Yep, as I mentioned above, CotD is a source of inspiration. In RotT, I’ll try to add more interaction with your subjects. I’m planning on adding a lot of features, but I’m limited by my lack of experience and my tight schedule.

As a question: the player will be able to choose a main element and their abilities will shift accordingly. Do you guys think that six elements (fire, water, air, earth, light and darkness) is too much? Oh, and the elements have subdomains. As in, air also governs lightning, water has ice, earth has poison and so forth.

@darkrown I never found those elements to be particularly engaging, - they are so overused, after all. Why not replace ‘Air’ with ‘Miasma’, to add an interesting twist? And you could, instead of saying ‘Light’, term it ‘Aether’, for example.

Surely Lightning would be of Light. And doesn’t fire cast light as well? I would suggest the less powers the better. The less you have, the more time you can spend on making those you have useful and more integral to the plot, as opposed to them just being aesthetic differences.

That said, one of my favourite games had 7 different powers, I think some of them were a little neglected. I’d suggest checking out Seven Winds if you want to see how another game implements powers. www.choiceofgames.com/forum/discussion/comment/64220

Make your powers interesting, whichever ones you choose. If the differences are just aesthetic, throw a fireball, throw lightning, throw an iceshard, it’s all fundamentally the same, and you might as well just have Attack Magic.