Rise of the Gladiator (WIP)


Hey all,

I have started work on a project set in a fantasy version of ancient Rome (mythological elements, etc.). The game is a deeply psychological take on the classic game of life and death. You play as a gladiator, male or female, but ultimately the game is driven by your relationships with your fellow combatants and what sorts of rivalries/alliances you form with them. There will be around 5 unique NPCs that I will try my best to make living, breathing creatures. Everything you do in the arena affects your relationship with them, and your fiercest rivals in your first playthrough may be your staunchest allies in the next. Enemies will remember scars you have given them, debts of gratitude they owe you, and attitudes you convey through your actions in the arena.

You will have to balance pleasing the crowd, pleasing the emperor, looking out for your own needs, and keeping your allies trusting of you. Ultimately, relationships will be tested and bonds may be severed because of the unpredictable nature of the arena. You may even start off as rivals with someone who will become your ally by the end of the game. There will be many backstory options for your gladiator, some of which may establish a relationship with certain characters right off the bat.

I’m also looking to do something unique with combat. I want to make it so that your stats mean something, so I want to add a random element to the combat to make it truly unpredictable. I would like some feedback on this, because I fear that it might not work the right way. I’ll see how this aspect works out.

I’m hoping I can get the demo out soon. Much thanks to all! Here’s hoping you enjoy it once it’s all finished!


This sounds really cool man will there be romance? Keep up the good work! Also don’t let yourself get discouraged as many of these projects do. Takes breaks if u need to I will definitely be following this!


Wow, positive feedback so early! Thanks, man!

In terms of romance, at this point, I’m not sure yet. I don’t want to shoehorn it in if it doesn’t fit in with the context of the story. I’ll have to think about it.

Right now, the project is in a very early phase. I’m only in the story’s prologue, but I am fully determined to see this project through to the end. I am very passionate about ChoiceScript as a medium, and I just want more people to be exposed to what it can do.

Thanks again for the feedback! Hope I don’t disappoint.


This sounds really interesting. I’ve been itching for one of these games. As for romance well if you feel it fits go for it if not don’t stress about it.


Im so tempted to ask…WILL THERE BE MAGIC!? :smiley:

This IS a fantasy Rome afterall…
And yes! i am most interested in giving your game a go when its ready! :smiley:

Magic man the magic~ Zap zap boom boom woosh


this sounds really interesting and I cant wait to play the demo


Can you lead a gladiator army and destroy the old order? If yes, can you control how the new order is build from ground up. Will it be a spread sheet? Can you do diplomacy? Make allies and enemy on and off the arena and beyond? What part of Ancient Rome will you copy?


When are you intending to upload the demo?


This sounds great!! Looking forwards to the demo!:slight_smile:


Looking forward to naming my character Russell Crow


Now that you mention it, some form of powers/supernatural abilities might be interesting. I want the combat to feel visceral and physical and I think gritty melee combat is the best route for that, so I can’t promise magic, but I’m not opposed to exploring that idea at all. I’ll definitely consider it. :smile:


Possible storylines have to do with gladiator uprisings, so with leading a gladiator army, I’d say there’s a pretty big chance that’ll be included. As for you controlling the new order, that’ll probably have to be another game. Possible sequel perhaps?

I kinda like the idea of forming relationships out of the arena, but my main focus will be on the relationships within the arena. There might be, but those relationships won’t be as involved in the gameplay as the ones within.

My vision of Ancient Rome is going to be loosely based on 1st Century AD Rome. That being said, it won’t be completely historically accurate, since it is a fantasy Rome. I might pull elements from other periods of history to make this world more rich.


I’ll try to have it out around October or November, because I am working around a busy schedule with school and whatnot, so I have only my spare time to work on it. If it’s not where I want it to be by the end of that time, I will at least let everyone play what I already have by then.


An uprising would be something very differnet than the day to day live and battle in the arena. If you’re going to make it, it should be only in one of the latest chapters, a bit of an ending options.

I think there should be relations with people outside the arena. Many people could visit him/her for various reasons, since unless the MC is a captive barbarian s/he would have at least some aqutinces, possibly even friends and family outside, and if s/he’s famous, there will be some fans who’d like to visit them or invent them to their parties, or use them otherwise.


Well, telekenisis, i mean you could rip your opponent apart from the inside out, so thats really bloody and visceral xD Or heck energy blasts right through the chest, id still imagine alot of blood in it xD

you sick sick brilliant individual you! (i mean this with love!)


sounds interesting and fun


Powers I hope it will be a demon deal, every X kills in the arena gets you a new power.


Well I guess I’m the first to ask but will there be any monsters ie: cyclops, chimeras, goblins, and trolls etc…, and mabye captured Greek captive gladiators


Monsters? Absolutely. Captured Greek gladiators? Nice idea. Possibly.


I think that could be a good and prominent part of the game. I’ll work to integrate it into the plot.