Gladiator: Road to the Colosseum (Out Now!)

The Gladiator: Road to the Colosseum
It is a time of strife, politics and Roman dominance. As a child, these concepts may seem alien to you, but when you are torn out of your comfortable life, you will be forced to come of age and fight for your freedom. Will you rise to the occasion? Or will you fade into oblivion?

Do take note that this game contains certain references to violence, alcohol, sexual intimacy, social class, privilege, race and language. While not explicit, the recommended audience would be players in their late teens and older. If you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment on the thread!

Thank you for all the suggestions, feedback and encouragement so far! Do like, comment and let me know what you liked and where I can improve (typos, grammar, bugs, gameplay, storyline etc). Screen shots will be super helpful for errors.Thank you!

Current word Count:
without code ~190 000
with code ~225 000

Currently working on:

  1. Blood on My Hands
  2. The sequel to Gladiator

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  • Your best friend
  • Gisila
  • Taurus
  • Decius Cato
  • Aurelia Cato
  • Titus Brutus
  • Horatia Brutus
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= Changelog

[Update 31/01/18]

  1. Submitted to CoG Contest!!!

[Update 11/11/17]


[Update 24/09/17]

  1. Updated Chapter 4
  2. Chap 4 intro done
  3. Ludus intro done

[Update 22/08/17]

  1. fixed mine slave win-loss ambiguity
  2. fixed age +2 to age +1, added in additional scenes
  3. added scene to mine path, fleshed it out a little.
  4. minor fix to slave route puzzle, made it clearer

[Update 30/7/17]

  1. Mine Slave route completed
  2. Sexuality and orientation included
  3. Slave market scene revised

[Update 16/7/17]

  1. House of Brutus path completed
  2. House of Cato path completed

[Update 7/7/17]

  1. PlayerCode v.Enigma implemented just to throw down the gauntlet at @LordTurtle. (And to prevent cheating of course) Old PlayerCodes can be converted as well.
  2. Playing with achievements - 3 achievements implemented

[Update 5/7/17]

  1. Play-test PlayerCode v.1 implemented, thanks to @Vendetta for pointing me to the very useful forum post and @idonotlikeusernames, @DUNGEON_MASTER and @chrisbat for the really insightful discussion on play-test save features.
  2. Inventory Sytem [WIP] taken with permission from @CitizenShawn

[Update 27/5/17]

  1. Random best friend generator as suggested by @Josetrayamar
  2. Save function. CJW save plugin implemented
  3. Chapter 2 is out!

[Update 19/5/17]
First chapter was posted.

[Posted 8/5/17]
Idea pitch regarding random character generation, overall game concept and storyline.


It’s a very workable idea.
How would you balance storytelling and gameplay?
In what instances would you see a stat increase (or even decrease)?
Can you do anything with the fortune and fame that you earn, as in, will that unlock different options, paths, gear, etc.?


As far as I know there are no active WIPs doing a gladiator story.

Since this is your first ChoiceScript game, I would hold off on the Spartacus uprising until you feel comfortable coding first. It’s definitely a good idea though, and you should play around with it at least a little bit.


This would be really interesting and I’m curious how you’ll integrate the gender into it as there is only a little bit of information currently known about female gladiators.

That being said, as it’s your first game, you’ll have to forgive me if I’m a little cautious. I know of many abandoned demos that have disappeared in the depths of this website… Nah, I wish you luck, but don’t push yourself too hard, this is your first game after all!


This idea certainly has potential and i am curious as to what type of weapons we may use. Will we be stuck with a gladius and scutum or will we be able to use things like Hastas and Falxs.


Very interesting! I’m a sucker for almost anything Roman Empire related and the gladiator angle is one of the best to tackle that.

Please don’t use a randomized character or anything like that. (Also, for a first game, it might be difficult to pull off.)

Being progressive with stats is an interesting idea! While focusing on arena combat is good, having an overarching plot going on in the background would be wonderful. Rome was very political after all.


One of those might be mine. I did have a WIP in which the player can set their background to ‘gladiator’ (the demo thread, ‘Notes from the Underground,’ was closed down a while ago, but I’m still working on the project). However. There were no plans to focus on the life of a gladiator, which is what you are doing. So I’d say go ahead–and I do love me some Roman history, so I’m eager to see where you go with this.

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Thank you so much for your encouragement and questions, I really appreciate it!

I think I will have an overarching story-line which can affect the individual fights in the arena/off the arena. In terms of the combat system perhaps I would integrate it into the story such that each fight is unique? Instead of perhaps a turn based system.

Stat increases and decreases could occur as a result of the player’s decisions. For example, if he were to focus on agility drills during training, it would boost his dexterity stat.

I think the fortune and fame will be an integral part of the story. As the player progresses successfully, he would be invited into larger arenas and events.

Aye. I will definitely have to get a good feel of the code first. If it does happen it will be awesome!

Ok, I’d really like to see this in a situation where you have limited time.
Let’s say your gladiator career lasts 10 years (or however long).
So you have to rise to the top in the time that you have.

It would be a real twist on the “gladiator” idea to have the gladiator have to successfully navigate a delicate political matter… that other, equally deadly arena.


This is a great point. I will research more and see if its feasible, if not I would probably limit my scope to male gladiators first.

I must admit that it is definitely daunting having seen much more experienced writers abandon their WIPs but hopefully I will persevere through!

I will want to limit the choices at the start, but perhaps as the game progresses, the player might start to favour certain weapons and be given a “signature” style. Having gladiator classes like the Retiarius (net fighter) or Murmillo would be great.

Thanks for the suggestion! I will definitely think it through. And definitely Roman politics and backstabbing will make everything pretty intense.

Thanks for the encouragement! I hope it works out! :slight_smile:

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There are 3 ways to suck me into something. Dragons, robots (especially clockwork ones), and ancient historical settings, namely either Ancient Greece/Rome or something Japanese. So, yeah, I’m all for this. I love me some Roman stories. Puts the glad in gladiator.


This is a great idea! A limited lifespan would definitely make it more realistic.

Politics will be interesting. Seemingly unimportant decisions in the beginning could potentially make you friends/enemies that impact the late game

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Thanks for the encouragement!

I love that idea, well I actually love everything that has a link with the Roman Era or the gladiators.

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With the ro usually nobility watched the matches, so that’s an easy ro option

Idk about the random character thing though, but it’s your story :grin: do what you like

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I think you could add at the beginig the option to let the game randomize, and an option in case you want to make your own character.

There could be different beginings, like an enemy warrior captured for the arena, a slave who made angry the wrong people, the roman rebel who goes against the empire, the person without future, who hopes to win fame and gold…

They could merge into a more or less simmilar story body with subtle changes so the workload isnt too big, and maybe your choices decide if you go Champion, try to kick the ones in power, escape the arena, or end as kitty food for the lions.

You could even add a second/third force near the end of the story if you want, where the gladiator can choose (or just go along) depending of their choices, against invaders while they ally with Rome, against Rome allied with the invaders, or against the invaders that allied themselves with the old power in Rome that the player kicked.

Even if it is just a “select a guy to stab” I without any story at all, I would play it for sure. Its a weak point I have xD



This. People of all social classes apparently enjoyed sleeping with gladiators (and the rarer gladiatrixes) for the novelty. To quote the Roman satirist Juvenal:

…And what were the youthful charms which captivated Eppia? What did she see in him to allow herself to be called “a she-Gladiator”? Her dear Sergius had already begun to shave; a wounded arm gave promise of a discharge, and there were sundry deformities in his face: a scar caused by the helmet, a huge wen upon his nose, a nasty humour always trickling from his eye. But then he was a gladiator!

Ok I’m not the only one thinking of the movie Gladiator.
P.S. I am Spartacus!!!


I’d be very interested, especially if there was some serious exploration of Ancient Rome and the politics involved.

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