My top WIPs as of right now


Well I can go on and on about it for 1-2 hours but here’s the link to relieve people of trolling


I’m adding a new WiP to my list.

W.I.S.P by @MahatmaDagon


I’d also like to update my list:

Villains by @Avery_Moore


Im adding The Unwanted Warrior by @NutellaQueen to my list.


Might as well update my favorite WiP list:

This all are what I remember not added in my reply, there probably more though

How come I forget SoH 3?


Well, I’m finally making a post here, because no one has mentioned @Fiogan’s Beastie Watch, and that game is a gem! Not only is its delightfully quirky 1930’s electropunk universe splendidly memorable (copacetic!), it’s got one of the more detailed personality tracking systems I’ve yet seen. I mean, I was impressed by the stat screen before I looked at the code and saw about half the stats were hidden, and changing flavor text all over the place (Are you pragmatic, sarcastic, grumpy? How much do you love/hate your job?)

Anyway, here’s the rest of my list:

Totem Force and Countdown to World’s End by @ParrotWatcher
Model Citizens: Unmasked by @RenaB
From Ashes We Rise by @Wraith
Freak: Amidst the Neon Lights by @Snoe
World Institute for Superpowered People by @MahatmaDagon
Science Fiction
Supra Humanum by @IronRaptor
A Thousand Miles of Sky by @SirEdmund
Keeper of the Sun and Moon by @daydreamsincolor
For the Crown by @ToxicDreams
Awoken by Scribblesome
Guenevere by jeantown
Misc Well some of these are kinda fantasy, too
Icarus Sun by RenaB
Blood for Poppies by Farside
The Gladiator: Road to the Colosseum by nauhziy
2117: Highway Wars by adrao
Through Broken Lenses by Interestedparty

That’s more than I thought (too many to mention all the authors in one post!)…Still feel like I missed something, tho :woman_shrugging:t2:


sniffle Thank you, @Alexandra. I’ve been wanting to get in on this list. :slight_smile:

So I can stay on topic, I’ll throw out some of my favorites.

Kingdoms: Embers in Ashes by @Sophia
The Unwanted Warrior by @NutellaQueen
Diaspora by @Kurokiku.

Science Fiction
The Nuclear Powered Toaster! by @hustlertwo (I don’t say anything but I do lurk.)

W.I.S.P by @MahatmaDagon

The Gladiator: Road to the Colosseum by nauhzhy
The Wayhaven Chronicles by @Seraphinite

I have others but I’m likely waiting for more content to put it on the list.


Time for a true list.

Of Blood and Steel by @N1GHTMAR3
Kingdoms: Embers in Ashes by @Sophia
The Unwanted Warrior by @NutellaQueen
The Gladiator: Road to the Colosseum by @nauhziy
England 1519, in the Court of Henry VIII by @jry
The Wayhaven Chronicles by @Seraphinite
Through Broken Lenses by @Interestedparty


I got in my own thread on a list. WOWOWOWOWOWO, can’t believe it.


I guess making a WIP that is mentioned here is true achievement (gives huge sigh and goes back to writing…).


@Alexandra thanks so much for the mention! I’m incredibly flattered, especially since I only have two chapters up so far :sweat_smile:

I think all of my favorites have been mentioned already, but here they are again:

Sci Fi
Unnamed Sci-fi Game by @Alicante

Community College Hero 2 by @Eric_Moser
Freak: Amidst the Neon Lights by @Snoe

Guenevere by @jeantown
Samurai of Hyuga 3 by @MultipleChoice

Icarus Sun by @RenaB
The Wayhaven Chronicles by @Seraphinite
Rainvale by @shield619

to name a few…


:grin: This was one of the best things I could wake up to see, thank you so so much! I really should get back to working on it instead of distracting myself all the time :sweat_smile:


I was teally into Team Zero, it was by far my favourite WIP. But it seems like it’s dead. what a shame


Honestly, I just assumed you both were on here already! True, neither of you may have much content up yet, but it’s good content. I can tell you’re not just thinking ‘oh this would be a cool premise for a game’ – you’ve got stories in mind, and you know your characters.


I am going to rein myself in as an unusually indulgent connoisseur of all things WIP and so shall unadorn my list down to a very sleek, and a very chic, top five:

SoS: The Mortal Coil authored by the incomparable @Dae-kalina

Supernatural in New York authored by the incomparable @Rebelgirl and @Roxy.

Freak: Amidst the Neon Lights authored by the incomparable @Snoe.

One Thousand Blooms authored by the incomparable @Lycoris.

Diaspora authored by the incomparable @Kurokiku and @AugustArria.

These stories are where I feel my feelings, ladies and gentlepersons, and where I feel each writer offers an essential and unique voice.


im really looking forward to:
wayhaven chronicles
for the crown
one thousand blooms
tall tale of draigs
freak admist the neon lights
blood moon prophecy
dragon racers
samurai of hyuga 3
through broken lenses
The mortal coil
Model citizens: Unmasked (the angst is exquisite :heart_eyes:)

  1. As always S.O.S The Mortal Coil
  2. Yugen
  3. Curse of the Spirit
  4. Diaspora
  5. Model Citizens Unmasked


HEY, just wanted to bring this thread alive again because I’m genuinely curious what everyone’s favorite WIPS are, as of 2018?

Haven’t had time to play many ,so I want your top 3 recomended!


It’s very hard to choose only three WIPs (in no particular order) :thinking: So far:
Land of the Dragon by @ohmyvalar
Haven and Hael by @rinari
Seven Heirs of Ophaesia by @Fawkes
Children of the Gods by @Rohie
Keeper of the Sun and Moon by @daydreamsincolor
Breach:An Archangel Job by @MichaelMaxwell


Mine is :

  1. Keeper of the Sun and Moon by @daydreamsincolor
  2. Aetherian Spell Academy by @Karlan
  3. Curse of the Spirit by @aequa