What Are Your Favorite WIPs?

Hello all I’ve been on this forum for a while and I’ve seen many WIP’s come and go either because they became full CoG’s or the creator decided to quit. Now I want to know all your favorite WIP’s that were being worked on or are currently being worked on. Also before everybody says Choice of Rebels try to really think about it and pick ones you really liked. Two that has kind of stopped that I loved are “Dragons!” and “Death Reapers Contract” why had production slowed? Why?! Anyways my list as of now is.

  1. “Choice of Rebels”.
  2. Tie between “Dragons!” and “Death Reapers Contract”.
  3. “Colonising Kepler 62e”.

So what are yours?

“When in Rome” and “Team Zero”. Oh! And “Guenevere”!

How could I forgot Guenevere?! Ah well but you’d really put When in Rome in the top 3. It’s good but…

  1. Dragon!
  2. Choice of Rebels
  3. Guenevere

I’m glad you like Kepler :smiley:

Mine are
1.) Choice of Rebels
2.) Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven
3.) When in Rome

@Beezlebub How could you?! (tbh, I also forget It at first :))
I love When in Rome; I guess It has its issues, but I am an nerd when It comes to anything antic, so there’s that…
On the other hand I can’t understand all the fuss about Choice of the Rebels. I can see why somebody might think it is a really good game and there is no doubt that the maker put a lot of effort into it, but for me it is a little… meh. Not my scene I guess.
(I feel obligated to add that I am not a native speaker so please forgive all my grammar mistakes)

My only issues with Rebels is that you usually only get 2 choices (I prefer 3+), and many of the stats aren’t affected often.

Aside from that, it’s got amazing lore, great writing, interesting characters, and meaningful choices. And it’s certainly unique as far as CoGs go.

1). Vendetta: Rise of a Gangster
2). I’m actually quite intrigued by @Cataphrak’s upcoming “Mecha Ace”
3). Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven

They’re definitely my top 3 at the moment, but there are a lot of other promising WIPs out there that I’m all too keen to see published and fully playable.

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1.) “Team Zero”. Hands down my fave wip. Every update just makes me more and more intrigued by what’s going to happen.
2.) “Resonance”. I think this one’s been discontinued (not really sure), but I loved it. Really hope work starts on it again one day.
3.) “How the Cards Fall”. Hasn’t been updated in a while, but I think it’s still being worked on?

As always there are many promising works in progress on these forums, below are the ones whose release I anticipate most:

  1. Choice of Rebels
  2. Vendetta, Rise of a Gangster
  3. Team Zero

1.Death Reapers Contract
2.When In Rome
3.Community College Hero
I also love Team Zero and Choice of Rebels, and A Wise Use of Time has caught my attention several times.

The World of Aerith (which is either scrapped or on hiatus) and Magikiras

I’m glad somebody else is showing some love for Death Reaper’s contract.

There so many but top three in no particular order

CammyCumaro - An Office Adventure

Farside - Blood for Poppies

CJW - Terminal

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Deat reapers contract and team zero

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Blood for Poppies, Terminal, and Dragons! I’m still praying that Farside would come back and work on BFP again…

  1. BLackRaven
  2. Keppler
  3. When in Rome
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This Blood for Poppies has been mentioned a lot. Can I get a link to the demo?

I try to keep a current list of CoG Directory on Choiceofbox.com

Wow that’s really cool. Did the person stop working on it?

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