What Are Your Favorite WIPs?

I have a long list of what I really like, but top three are An Office Adventure, Kingdom Come and Scales&Tales :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry to says, but crossing my fingers she’ll return one day.

@Aera, what is Scales and Tales?

When in Rome, Guenevere, Choice of Rebels, Team Zero. The order does not necessarily reflect my preferences-I’m eager to see all of them finsihed. :smiley:

The Seven Winds
The Runner’s Shadow
The Clueless Teen’s Guide to Living with the Supernatural

Also The Yidrath Chronicles: The Enisine War and Crimson Sky are very interesting.

  1. Vendetta
  2. Choice of Rebels
  3. Resonance

@Doctor Its about how you raise a baby dragon http://www.choiceofgames.com/forum/discussion/2357/scalestales/p1

Vendetta! I forgot to include that.

Theses are my top three WiPs, and they are neck and neck. I simply can’t choose an order.

Choice of Rebels
Red Moon

Zombie exodus: safe haven, blackraven and colonising kepler are definitly the game i am looking forward to the most.

In no particular order:

-Community College Hero
-Choice of Rebels
-The Yidrath Chronicles: The Enisine War
-An Office Adventure
-Blood for Poppies (sad that I only just remembered it thanks to @Beezlebub and @Lordirish)
-Team Zero

I tottaly forgot community college hero, that game too.

Guenevere all the way – and Guns of Infinity is just about “in progress,” right? I don’t read a lot of WiPs these days; of the ones I’ve briefly sampled, Team Zero was particularly terrific. JimD is always worth it, and I’m looking forward to Safe Haven. Hope Reaperoa keeps Aeon Sage alive. And Seven Winds & Blood for Poppies from the WNLiP list.

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In no particular order:

Vendetta: Rise of a Gangster
Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven
Team Zero
Community College Hero
Colonising Kepler 62e
When In Rome

Choice of Rebels 8
Dragons! 3
Death Reapers Contract 4
Colonising Kepler 62e 4
When in Rome 6
Team Zero 7
Guenevere 5
Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven 5
Mecha Ace
Resonance 2
How the Cards Fall
Vendetta, Rise of a Gangster 4
Community College Hero 5
The World of Aerith
Magikiras 3
An Office Adventure 3
Blood for Poppies 4
Terminal 2
BlackRaven 2
Kingdom Come
The Seven Winds 2
The Runner’s Shadow
The Clueless Teen’s Guide to Living with the Supernatural
Red Moon
The Yidrath Chronicles: The Enisine War
Guns of Infinity
Aeon Sage

Choices so far. Great to see so many games listed! 30 unique choices (plus I’m sure many more that haven’t had a mention yet!)

I wonder why scales and tales stopped being worked on. I might PM the writer and offer to help…

Nobodies mentioned “A Regency Tale”? Something is wrong here… Also what happened to the author for that one? :frowning:

When in Rome, Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven, and Dragonslayer

I’m adding Dragonslayer and Community College Hero to my favorite WIPs

Yes I’m adding DagonSlayer to my list as well. I love it.