Favorite w.i.p's


What is your favorite wip and why?

Mines the superhero one by goshman, i forgot the name of it!


Mine! XD … Well, it kinda is, but I’m joking about it.

I think my two favorites are Sashira’s Monsters of New Haven High and Dragoneer. At least, of the WIPs I’ve read.


Definately Guenevere. I don’t play that many WiPs, prefering to wait for the game release usually, but i’m oh so glad that i did played that one. That game already is for me far better than many released ones (and i played almost all) and when eventually will be ready it will definately be a great and huge text game.

As to why, i think that’s because of focus on people’s feeling and relationships, and huge amount of choices, not only what to do, but also how you think. There are many occasions where you get a choice to do something, and then you get a choice as to why you are doing it and how you feel about it. It creates a huge amount of possible roleplay personalities (which you can get a glimpse on Guenevere topic). The writing is great, characters are interesting and feel alive, story is engaging, and a lot more strong points, but i just stop now :slight_smile:


I’d go with Safe Haven, even though there’s only souch to it so far


Monsters of new haven high
Chaotic element
ZE safe haven
Best of us
These are definitely my favorites.


Cassandra of Troy has stolen my heart. So has the abandoned Jinni of the Seven Winds.


Guns of Infinity
Choice of Rebels
Monsters of New Haven High

There are other WIPs I like too but these would be my favourites so far.


There are many good wip’s, but my most favorite that combine a good and interesting plot, and well written, fleshed up, complicated characters with potential (at leat for me) are: (with no particular order)

  • Guenevere
  • Dragoneer
  • Monsters of New Haven High
  • For Peace We Die
  • Choice of Rebels
  • ZE: Safe Haven
  • Fallen Hero
  • When in Rome


My favorite right now is Fallen Hero. I love the angst of it. It’s really refreshing to play a character with so much internal dialogue and such emotional depth.


A lot of great WIP’s out there. Some of my favorites are, in no particular order:

  • Dragoneer
  • Magikiras
  • Monsters of New Haven High
  • For Peace We Die
  • Fallen Hero
  • The Burden
  • Into Infamy
  • Samurai of Hyuga
  • Tales of the Deep
  • Black Flag: Lies Unhidden


There are three that I’m really hoping succeed.

  • Guenevere-The story of Guenevere, wife to King Arthur. You get to interact with all the characters for Arthurian Legend and make big differences in how the legend is formed. There are so many options to how you can be as a wife (being a wife in a video game was something I didn’t realize I wanted until I had it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) and major political power in Camelot. Everything you do somehow effects your kingdom
  • Fallen Hero-Play as a telepath (who’s powers are so cool they can friggin possess people) who used to be a hero but after yet-to-be revealed tragic incident became a villain. Main character is really broken and tragic, and also super smart and methodical.
  • Monsters of New Haven High-You can choose between 5 different species; Vampire, Werewolf, Succubus, Goblin, and Wendigo. All the five stories are vastly different and has great characterization. The game isn’t finished now and I already have 5 completely different characters, so different and yet complete that when trying to write them all down, I realized that it was triple the size of the previous two descriptions combined and decided I should probably not


There are many good ones, but I’d say Guenevere. It is one of the most ambitious projects here, and once finished it could become the best choicescript game ever made. Even the parts already made offer more diverse playthorughs than some of the finished games. The option to save game is already included, and there is a lot of interesting chat in the thread.


My favorite WiPs are:

Guns of Infinity- amazing characters, plot, and the sequel to Sabres of Infinity.

Marine Raider 2: Off Guadalcanal- it’s a WW2 game and I love history. Also, amazing plot, characters and the sequel to Marine Raider.


Guns of Infinity
Samurai of Hyuga
Choice of Rebels
Eight Thrones (one can always hope :stuck_out_tongue:)

I am addicted to stories. TV, books, movies, and games. These works make me feel the most immersed when I’m playing them (:

Special notice to All: The Replica Trilogy. Didn’t include this with the others because last I remember it was being re-written


My favorite would have to be Guenevere. :heart: Few games / books make me feel like, “OH GOD, I HAVE TO READ MORE(, otherwise I think I’ll die.)”, while this one does. I’m sure that, soon, it’ll become my favorite text-based game. xD


Currently I’m enjoying Choice of Rebels and Magikiras, both are very well written. I also really like Guenevere, especially since I LOVE Arthurian legend and it warms my heart to see how much effort the author has put into it. ^^

Edit: And how could I forget Community College Hero? Pure fun, I can’t wait for it to be published. c:


I loved Guenevere and Community College Hero (the twist on the normal superhero story is enjoyable). I also am getting into Magikiras and the Empire Saga (which is different then what I have read before).


Jinni of the Seven Winds being abandoned was nothing short of tragic. If it had been completed it would easily be among the best games on CoG.

I’m holding out hope for Eight Thrones, also.


Hmm, I like a lot of WIPs here, let’s see, Fallen Hero because the plot is original and I like the general theme, Monsters of New Haven High because I really like slice of life games and games where you can be a monster (I think we need more monster slice of life games :stuck_out_tongue:), Best of Us because the superhero theme is fun when done right and I like how you can pick your powers (It reminds me a lot of City of Heros/Villains which I loved), The Gift Uprising is looking promising, Zombie Exodus Safe Haven is really fun, I love the zombie survival theme and the character customisation is wonderful (I love character customisation in games), Samurai of Hyuga is pretty fun, I like being able to play as the independent-rougeish-assassinish-yet-protective type of character (it’s just so cool)


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