Which WIP would you bring back from the dead?


I’ve been a lurker for about a million years, so I’ve seen a ton of WIP’s come and go. Some of them were so promising! I’d give absolutely anything for The Seven Winds to be continued. Oh, and is Team Zero still being worked on? If it isn’t, that would be my other choice ;-;

Seven Winds had to coolest world and magic system. I loved being a cool immortal jinni! And Team Zero’s characters were phenomenal. I want to know what happens to them!

What game would you give your left foot to see finished? What made that game so special?

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Team zero absolutely! :slight_smile: I love that wip so much i hope it’s still being worked on

And also The clueless teenager’s guide to the supernatural is such a great wip; it would have been nice to be completed, as there aren’t many urban fantasies with teen MCs on Choice of games. Also it reminds me of Supernatural which is one of my fav tv shows


Blood for Poppies, It was such a unique and interesting concept, unfortunately I’m pretty sure it was abandoned just before I found the forum.

What is your favourite abandoned wip?

Ahhh! I had completely forgotten about that one. I think it was the first WIP I ever played. I think… I think I’m going to go replay it, haha.


For me, It would be the wip, Heal; I really liked that one, in the game you where a healer of an adventuring party, which was different.


I second Heal, and I raise for Samurai: A Warriors Path and Resonance.

Both links to the WIPs are dead, but I really liked those games.


The clueless teenager’s guide to the supernatural the author mysteriously disappeared due to something and now I doubt it’ll ever be finished…


Probably Vendetta, although I don’t technically know if he stopped working on it, but he definitely moved the development to another site.


He’s still working on it.


Cosmic Hand! With fallen angels and demons!! My hope is lost!!!


I’d say Heal and Complete Guide to…, whatever its called. Those have always been my fave WIPs. Too bad they havent been worked on.

OH and team zero and that one genie game, seven winds?


Have faith, I believe these WIPs are not abandoned. Maybe the authors are so focused on their games that they forgot about reality.


Seven Winds looked pretty good. Funnily enough I read about it in the last forgotten WIP thread. It sad how many great projects get forgotten.


Thanks, I’d been wondering about that for a while but I wasn’t sure if he was still working on it.


TEAM ZERO! :cry: It was the first WIP that I ever read on here.

The World of Aerath - Treason on the Border is the only other named one I remember, I have difficulty remembering names of dead WIP’s that I liked… :slight_smile:


Team Zero, definitely. I loved that game so much and I really want to find out what happened between the time skip that made the team break up.

And I’d love to see Resonance get picked up again. It had just gotten to a really juicy part of the story when it stopped getting updated. I think I remember something from the author a while back saying they were going to work on it again, but I haven’t seen anything since.


Tavern Tales. Have you ever wondered what happens when your adventurer retires? They open a tavern of course! Either way, it was fun to play as the most cliché quest giver in any RPG.


I was a fan of Dragon! (probly not much of a surprise considering my name) I’ll admit i never really was around when it was still active but the game itself got me really hooked, probably from just the concept, but I got pretty attached to the characters there too.


I have always wanted to write a game about dragons, but I never really tried because CoG had CoDragon already…

I might go for it after I am done with The Chaotic Element ^^

Edit: Now that I played “Dragon!” Again, I just realized that it was the first WIP I saw on this site :confused:, too bad the author didn’t update it anymore…


I really enjoyed The Seven Winds so I was really sad when the owner disappeared. I enjoyed playing that WIP so much I really wanted to see what else would happen to my cute little badass genie.