Resonance WIP - Community Input Appreciated

After many, many months of tweaking things here and there and adding this and that, I’ve managed to get to a point where I can continue with Part 2 of my IntroComp entry “Resonance”. Mind you, Part 1 isn’t perfect (or even done to the extent that I want it) but it is improved a bit thanks to all of the feedback that I recieved, and the rest I’ll deal with later.

First of all, I’d like to ask for a huge favor. Since I have so many stats and so many ways of changing them, balancing them is becoming a very time consuming problem. If anyone would be willing to help by entering the beta mode of the game, that would be awesome. The beta mode is available at the first menu; just choose “Enter test mode” and then “beta”. This plays exactly like the regular game, except that it has an intentional bad label error at the end. If you could play through and then send that error report to me, it’ll let me see your final stats and I can get a better sense of the range of everything right now.

Of course, this isn’t mandatory. You can play through the game normally and completely ignore the beta mode if you want. :slight_smile:

Other than that, I’m happy to hear any comments/complaints/opinions/questions/suggestions/problems you have with the game so far. I know I tend to have a lot of spelling and grammar issues (I’ve got a volunteer editor helping me soon), and I’ve found a logic inconsistancy or two while testing it myself. Also, if you think there should be an option that I didn’t include, I’d be happy to consider it. I don’t think there are any errors, aside from the one in beta, but I haven’t had time to go through every single part of the game myself. Randomtest seems to think it’s fine, though.

If it takes a little while in between updates, it’s because I run things by a few alpha testers first in order to clear up the major errors. I do (usually) keep my twitter updated with my progress, though.

Play Resonance (Beta)


Well I liked it it reminded me of suikoden or old final fantasy games before they got all freaky
I liked your maid character
And I like your art did you do that yourself ?

I will try the beta mode later on tonight

I love the old Final Fantasy games! They’re actually what inspired me to write this in the first place. I consider the player character to be a sort of mini-boss. :smiley:

And yep, did the art myself after so much agonizing about how to make a proper (yet ambiguous) cover art piece. It isn’t much, but I’m glad you like it!

Ah-yeah called it

Keep up the good work.

line 2: bad label thanks_for_testing this is the thing for the beta test

Yes, that’s the beta test error that I intentionally put in. It should only come up if you chose the beta option, but let me know if that’s not the case. I kind of coded in the beta thing really fast while I was still half-asleep.

Enjoying it so far I look forward to future updates :slight_smile:

Liking what I am reading so far.

Error line 1814: no selectable options

I didn’t come across any errors, but I’ll keep my eyes out in the future. Anyways, about the game, I full-on enjoyed it and thought it was quite the read! I can’t wait for future updates! Keep up the great work and good luck!

the game wont load for me

Wow, I really like it. Can’t wait to go on the mission. Like to see some more with Sypher(Im sorry I cant remember his name :frowning: ) I kinda want to romance my maid… so feedback on that Idea? It is an intriguing game, and well written. didnt see any errors. Very interested. Going to get addicted. Please, work on this and put updates!

Thanks to everyone that’s been sending the beta test reports! The data is really invaluable for finishing up Part 1 properly.

@Nocturnal_Stillness @DonkeyKong
Thank you

That’s the part I’m kind of stuck on as far as stat-improving activities. I’ve put in a temporary workaround so it shouldn’t happen again.

It’s loading fine for me. :confused: Anyone else having this problem?

I hadn’t originally intended on making anyone within the Empire a romantic option, but it would make sense. I’ve been getting a few requests to add both the maid and Syphel to the potential love interest list, and if I can get some of the details for their story-arcs worked out, I’ll gladly add it in. :smiley:

I got it working now it was something to do with my browser.

I didnt want to put anything on that would stress you out…just after the interactions with her I can see a tanget that is romancing the young lass. If you make romance I support it wholeheartedly, If not then ok its your game! But I like that your listening to people, good for a writer to do! :smiley:

It’s no stress at all. I enjoy thinking up all of these little “what-if” scenarios. Besides, character interactions are easy; it’s everything else in between that’s hard. :wink:

I went with the Elf background and trained to use twin daggers I was really happy when I managed to best Syphel in a sparring match!


I second the option to have Duska as a romance option. I found her shyness charming (reminds me of Tali from Mass Effect lol).

Either way I am looking forward to reading more about Talan L’arial (the name I gave my Elf :slight_smile: )

I do find it interesting that we get so attached to some of our characters. @Nocturnal_Stillnness Her shyness does have that charm!

For some reason, I kinda like Nil, in spite of the fact that she’s a snarky jerk. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is she one of the romance options?


So do I. The good games/books/movies are those whose characters attach themselves to you. It doesn’t matter if you love or hate a character that attachment makes their worlds all the more richer.


Nil is definately interesting!

I can’t access it. Every time I click on it it brings me back to this exact page. I don’t know if it’s my computer or the link or what. Help D: