Which WIP would you bring back from the dead?

Good news - both of them are on Dashingdon (and I think Team Zero is still being worked on).


yeah @Dolphinzgirl got back and said she was still working on it and was shooting for an update around new year.

@Spyder Here’s one of the older threads about popular but not currently updating WiPs. (:

I cry every time I remember that Resonance hasn’t updated since 2013. Resonance WIP - Community Input Appreciated

Team Zero very occasionally rises from the grave, only to be reburied shortly afterwards. Team Zero (WIP)


I ended up PMing Jason with this thread because I didn’t knew how to link threads. How do you do it?

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There are also some old WiPs on this thread of favourite WiPs.

@IvoryOwl Honestly, I wasn’t completely sure, so I just quoted @Spyder and copied their text from that thread, which automatically provides a link back to the post that was quoted.

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I would say the seven heirs of something because it was the first one I’ve ever readed


cassandra of troy… Cassandra Of Troy… CASSANDRA OF TROY!!


I will stick with my belief that When in Rome was my favorite WIP and I wish the link was available then I would still play it forever and ever


The Seven Heirs had such potential. It’s a shame it never progressed :anguished:.


I was looking forward to seeing how the Seven Heirs progressed but, alas.

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Are y’all talking abt The Seven Heirs of Ophaesia? I’m pretty sure the author is still active on the site, but it has been locked for a long time.

Then do you know where Vendetta has been moved.

@Vendetta still logs in occasionally, and I’m sure he’ll post an update in the Vendetta thread when there is one! :slight_smile:


FWIW, you can find the 100,000-word original demo of Vendetta: Rise of a Gangster over at that wonderful community repository provided by dashingdon.com. Ongoing development remains something of an “on-off” turbulent love affair… but they do say that true love never dies. :wink:


Well you did earlier say you made progress in 2016, so assume it is still going somewhere?
Still sad the old cutoff was just before Adamo’s cool club missions. I also to this day remember the awesome save system you had going.

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I’m with you. The Seven Heirs was approaching my top 3 WIP’s before progress halted.

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When In Rome! It was one of my first WIP reads here, back when I still had my old account and not this one.

Team Zero will always be my favorite though. It was alive a few months ago if I remember correctly, but it died again…

And then there’s this story (forgot the title) where you’re a ghost stuck in your old house and a new family moves in. Showed a lot of promise, but I never saw it again.


hmm… Probably F.A.W.R, i don’t know if that wip is truly dead or just buried among other posts… oh and Son of Satan.


FAWR is not dead, the author is still working on it just busy with other things besides writing.