From Ashes We Rise [FAWR / WIP] Upd. 30. Oct



From Ashes We Rise

(FAWR for short.)

Why has there not been an update? When will this thread be open again?

Work takes most of my time now. I am not able to write until I fall asleep nor would it be wise for my job. I am currently writing as much as I can, which - truth to be said - is not much. Between work, sleep and personal stuff that is occupying my time I have not enough time to write. Please be patient. I am doing my best.

This thread will be open as soon as there will be an update. You will be notified.
I have not abandoned this project.

What is this game about?

The game takes place in a fictional city called Kalathol. Vigilantes and villans alike prowl the streets, striving to help the people or cause chaos in their wake. Some are gifted with a certain ability, using them for the greater good or evil.

You, as either the child of the streets, an unloved child from a noble family or an orphan, get the chance to become the hero this city seeks and needs. Becoming the sidekick of Crow, you rake through the streets of the city and take down the criminals off the street.

Though everything has an end someday…
What will you become? A righteous vigilante, striving for the greater good? The judging outlaw? Or the villain hidden in the shadows? Who will you gain as your allies? Who are becoming your enemies?
You decide, but everything has it’s price…

What is this inspired of?

The following story is inspired by Batman as I am a big fan of hero and villain stories. I am not someone who beats around the bush when it comes to fighting and everything, thus you might encounter some blood, swearing and morally not so wise choices. Please be aware of that.

I am always open for suggestions of any kind, be it just a simple mistake like a typo, or big ones you might encounter somewhere in the game. Ask away whenever you want to ask something, I will try to answer the question as best as I can.

As I am not a native English speaker, I make many mistakes in the story that most of the time I don’t see even when re-reading everything. So, feel free to send in a better version of the sentence or paragraph. I appreciate it.
In the game itself you can find an FAQ and an Update Log. Please use those to see if your question can be answered there first. Also, send me a PM if you want to talk about something regarding this game more privately.

From Ashes We Rise
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There’s been a large influx of superpowered human choice games lately, whether released or WIP. I hope the fact that the MC is mentored by someone will make this one unique and stand out from the rest. Good luck.

And nice pun there.


Thank you very much!
Yes, I am aware that there is a lot lately, though I hope to make something entirely new with the MC that he is a hero turned villain. But we’ll see how this is going to be ~


Sounds good. I hope we get to decide what our powers are. Maybe they’re the explanation for our revival…


Sounds like a great game. Is the inspiration for the story from Batman under the Red Hood or the Jason todd character either way can’t wait to play it. Also will there be different choices on how we die or is it the same?


Thank you!
So far, I have included 3 different types of powers which all have their ups and downs in specific moments.
I am thinking about others, too, though they won’t be included for a long time.

Yes, I have been found out ^^
I loved the movie Under the Red Hood and got a little inspired by it. Jason is just my favourite character in all of the Batman stories I have read so far, an yeah… I like him :smiley:
The death sequence will always be the same. [And no, it is not like it has been with Jason :D]

Yay, we did a thing XD


What will we do as a villain


Well, I don’t want to tell too much about that part yet in total, but I can point a few things out I guess.

You can decide if you want to take down the other ‘Heroes’,
You can become a ruthless killer.
You can become a destructive force with the powers you gained.

There is more, but as I said I don’t want to go too much into detail.


This sounds like a mix of all the super hero stories ever written on COG.


I was wondering if we could choose the gender of our mentor the Crow?


So far I only have read Heroes and Diabolical, I don’t really know what the others have in their stories. :frowning:
You can choose Crow’s gender.
I only wrote Father above because it sounded weird If I add mother as well in my opinion °^^


Sounds really awesome


Thank you very much :slight_smile:


It’s like a mix of Fallen Hero, Heroes Rise, Best of Us, and Diabolical.

Man I can tell this game is going to be a good one :smiley:


Then I guess I will need to read Best of Us and Fallen Hero as well, because right now I am out of reading material :3 [If you exclude AO3 and]
Yay, Now I have something to do before going to bed ~

I hope it is going to be good, as my writing style is really different to most people’s.


I can’t wait to see this game :smile:


I hope not to disappoint :slight_smile: I am just writing the last few scenes and adjusting a few parts, before I need to re-read everything for mistakes.
Though, knowing me, I will miss half of the mistakes anyway ._.


Easiest thing to do is to paste the non-code text you have in to MS Word or Libre Office Writer set for UK English and fix the spelling and grammar errors your chosen word processor flags to you. Libre Office is free, MS word isn’t.


Am I ready to pull a (female) Jason Todd? Yes…yes i am. ^^

And I can really recommend reading Fallen Hero (even if it’s been a while since it’s been updated. Irrc then it hasn’t been cancelled but the author had a lot of things going on IRL so it’s on hiatus).

I look forward to this game. ^^ I really love (when you get to play) villain-protagonists who’s complex and not necessarily all “muwa-ha-haa I’m so evulz”. And yes I will admit that I greatly enjoy when you as the “villain” can show/prove to the “heroes” that everything isn’t in black and white.


That… is actually a good idea. I have Libre, but for something like like mistakes I used mostly grammarly or ginger, sometimes both. Though I still miss some mistakes anyway every time. Perhaps I should use libre as well as soon as I am finished.
Thanks !

Yay for Jason! <3
Then I guess first Fallen Hero tomorrow, and Best of us afterwards. Great :3
Yeah, that is something I missed in Diabolical as well. I mean, the game had a nice flow and was nice mostly, though I missed the depth and the interaction with the characters.