Best WIPs of 2016

So there are quite a lot of W.I.P.'s, of them which would you kind people recommend I look into? I’m already closely following Zombie Exodus, Children of The Gods, Guenevere, Community College Hero 2, and Samurai of Hyuga.


We’ve already got a thread for the best WIPs of 2015, but haven’t got one of 2016 yet. Is it alright for me to turn this into one?

I’ve been busy with writing, so I haven’t played a lot of WIP’s lately, but these are some of my favorites.


#choice of rebels my dude


Certainly, feel free to now that the opportunity has arisen.

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Zombie Exodus:Safe Haven
Community College Hero 2
Children Of The Gods

These were the ingredients chosen to make the perfect little WIP.

But the COG community accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction.

#Monsters Of New Haven High

(and From Ashes We rise as well.)


Children of the Gods, by @Rohie

From Ashes We Rise, by @Wraith

Freak: Amidst the Neon Lights, by @Snoe

Don’t Wake Me Up, by @Isabella_Welch

I know some of them are from late 2015 but…you know, I joined this year :smirk:


My own personnal list is the same as Rosewood but with Monster of New Haven high and Samurai of Hyuga.


Children of the Gods, by @Rohie

The Myrmidon, by @Moreau

The Seven Heirs of Ophaesia , by @Fawkes

Carhalow, by @iris


The Myrmidon by @Moreau

Fallen Hero by @malinryden

From Ashes We Rise by @Wraith

Children of the Gods by @Rohie

Don’t Wake Me Up by @Isabella_Welch

Second Chances by @Wraith

I know a couple of these have been relatively inactive for a while, but a lot have either been said to still be actively in progress or… well, I’m a hopeful and I’ve got my fingers crossed.


Monsters of fate haven

Freak: admist the neon lights

Second chances

Beastie watch

Actually…it’s hard to pick a certain few so I’m gonna say all of them. They are all the best WIPs of 2016!!!


I actually hadn’t heard of some of these, but I thank you all for the recommendations.

Outsiders, freak admidst the neon lights, of beasts and humans, from ashes we rise, phobia (or is it phobias?), through broken lenses and probably more that I’ve forgotten

Edit: I’m pretty sure they weren’t from 2016 (at least the second one wasn’t) but dragon racer and drágóneer


Ooh, well I’d like to nominate as my top five:

-The unsurpassed The Myrmidon by @Moreau The New Jack Vance, only better. :wink:

-The big, the great, the evergreen of the WiP category XoR or Choice of Rebels by @Havenstone

-The marvelously weird, yet extremely engaging: Don’t Wake Me Up by @Isabella_Welch

-Second Chances by @Wraith I like this one so much that I wish it was their main WiP, instead of the other one. :cry:

-The “metahuman” and “superhero” one I actually like: Freak: Amidst the Neon Lights, by @Snoe

With honourable mentions to go to:

The Seven Heirs of Ophaesia , by @Fawkes
Purple Desire by @Lycoris
Children of the Gods by @Rohie and last but not least
Vive la révolution! : The Golden Eagle by @Goshman


It’s not got a demo out yet but I’d recommend A witches path. The premis is interesting and I feel there’s a lot of potential.

I have a feeling we need to watch that one for 2017, but yeah, since it is only a concept at this stage I feel I cannot nominate it for 2016 (yet).

Oh, what the heck. I’ll toss in my picks too.

  • Fallen Hero by @malinryden. I hope life’s treating them well. I loved the twist on a super hero story.
  • SoS: The Mortal Coil by @Dae-kalina. I truly hope they come back. It was a great WiP with a promising and original story.
  • Dragon Racer by @ToxicDreams. Sending my best wishes on the final stretch of the game! I’ll be buying it once it’s out!
  • I’m going to toss in Awoken by @Scribblesome here 'cause it was only a few days short of starting in 2016. :joy: It’s a great story and I want to get my hands on Cren. I ain’t got no shame.

Uh… I guess some honorable mentions of games from previous years (hopefully) still being worked on would be Empty Shell by @Cecilia_Rosewood and Team Zero by @Dolphinzgirl.


Sneaks away in shame

Ehm, maybe next month? :sweat_smile: (This month is trying to get something finished for IF Comp. The deadline is the 28th and I’ve still got one and a half chapter and numerous endings left to write…)


Now that you say it it’s true that Empty Shell is a good wip even if i forgot it in my list, so yeah, totally adding this one on it.

Thank you so much, and yes, Fallen Hero is still being worked on! Just being slow 'cause real life sucks. Got two new chapters not posted yet, but everyone wanted a bigger update so I want the next chunk done too before I post.


You just made my day. Your story is one of my top favourites and I’m happy to hear that it’s still being worked on.

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