Fan Works of Choice of Games/Hosted Games

well… im not an author (yet), though im an artist and already make some fan art for Totem Force (wip by @ParrotWatcher) and still planning to draw more fanart… :grin:
actually i better put some list for my next fan art :

  • fan comic (and more fan art) of Totem Force – wip by @ParrotWatcher – (already got permission from him)
  • fan art of released game Tokyo Wizard by @adrao (im already work on it while the game still in wip stage, but need to put it on hold til now :sweat_smile:)
  • fan comic of From Ashes We Rise by @Wraith (already got permission from her)
  • fan art of Dion, Touya, Tsubasa, Sibyl and their Reverie from Caught in a Reverie by @Ros_e (already got permission from her - and planning to make a fan comic from certain scene :wink: )

That’s all for now, and there is a possibility that i’ll add more list to it after i finish some of it :wink: