Fan Works of Choice of Games/Hosted Games


Thank you. I’ll remember that once I got something done :slight_smile:


It sort of depends. If someone is posting fanart, they usually just do so in the main game thread.

If it is a fanfic, I will start a separate thread so that people who don’t care for it don’t have it taking up space in the main thread.


Question for authors: what single scene from your work would you most like to have made into an illustration?


Good question. I know I would want an image of the game’s main antagonist, as I am likely going to make her the little icon art for iPhone and Android, but I only just wrote it and it will not be in the demo for ages. Any of my Insanity choices or the upcoming meet between the two MC choices would be great, but would any of us turn away anything? You know what they say about beggars and choosers.


I like to see how fans see my characters. Either protagonists or npcs. But whatever the artist wants is fine with me. I love seeing the different styles artists use.


Of the scenes currently in my WIP, I’d go for the giant robot fight. :grin: (There are a few more fun scenes yet to come, but those are a bit spoilery…)


Getting fan art from readers has been one of the single biggest “highs” of this whole experience for me. I was legitimately humbled (followed by elated) when I got my fist few pieces of fan art.

A few are found here:

And my art contest winners are still on the front page here:

Whenever someone sends me new art, I show my wife and my friends and I post them on social media. My Twitter image is one of the contest entries too. I love it. And there’s one that I might even use one for a new CCH t-shirt.


I’ve been meaning to draw something for CCH. Anywhere you recommend I submit?


Oh absolutely whatever you’d like! I would never make a request for a certain image! (other than from @defenestratin)


well… im not an author (yet), though im an artist and already make some fan art for Totem Force (wip by @ParrotWatcher) and still planning to draw more fanart… :grin:
actually i better put some list for my next fan art :

  • fan comic (and more fan art) of Totem Force – wip by @ParrotWatcher – (already got permission from him)
  • fan art of released game Tokyo Wizard by @adrao (im already work on it while the game still in wip stage, but need to put it on hold til now :sweat_smile:)
  • fan comic of From Ashes We Rise by @Wraith (already got permission from her)
  • fan art of Dion, Touya, Tsubasa, Sibyl and their Reverie from Caught in a Reverie by @Ros_e (already got permission from her - and planning to make a fan comic from certain scene :wink: )

That’s all for now, and there is a possibility that i’ll add more list to it after i finish some of it :wink:


@Curious_Boy ahhhh thank you~


Like all other authors I’d be incredibly happy with fanart, as it’d be great to see how the players see their character (or anything else in the game)!


One kind of fan art I’d love to see more off are the little comic strips of an artist’s favourite scenes. its always interesting to see how your written actions are seen by the artist.


A little bit of fun by me. Found the poses in a book I’ve got so did a mix of tracing and sketching as my artistic skills are very poor so I need all the help I can get lol

This is how I see a certain character in UnNatural. Its easy enough to guess who it is. :wink:


I haven’t played Unnatural but it looks good!

Do you think it’s a good idea for an author to share their art of the characters? I’ve seen some authors that don’t want to share things like that because they prefer let the readers imagine them however they want.


It doesn’t bother me to be honest, that’s just how I see her.


likewise this is how @From_Beginnings and @Aera see her. To me all are valid. Best thing is I support the multiverse theory for UnNatural. so while the pic I originally posted is how she looks in my UnNatualverse, these are how they look in their UnNaturalverse :slight_smile:


There’s a scene I put in Midsummer–I can’t remember exactly where it is–that I put it specifically as fanart bait. Didn’t work, but I did it. At least, I think I did.

It’s a scene where Piccolita is lying on the MC’s shoulder (or something like that) as they walk through the forest. In my mind, it’s a glorious scene.


Currently working on some scenes for Hero Unmasked. Especially eager to get escaping Firebrand’s death trap with enough time to wink at the camera down neatly as well as the end with romancing him when he blows you a kiss… with an added something :wink:
If only I’d had a better graphics prog