Fanworks category?

A new thread has been created for Samurai of Hyuga fanart, we alrready have a similar thread for Choice of Robots

I expect more of these threads to appear as more games are released. Notably, there is some fanart for Drágóneer, Guenevere and sabres of Infinity. Some fanfics for multiple games have been published, I think some fanfiction authors might whish to present their works to publish their fanfics on this forum as well.

I think it would be useful to have a designated category for fanworks. What do @jasonstevanhill, @Reaperoa, @Havenstone, @JimD, @CJW, @FairyGodfeather, and @Sashira think about this idea?


I’m curious about the answer. They may want to just keep the works on the corresponding HG/CoG thread, but I agree it’s exciting to see the fan art, especially since it’s generally so high quality.

I haven’t seen any fan fiction though. Is it posted on the forums?

Some of the fan art has been really impressive recently. I would love to see more of it for the games that exist and if they had their own forum section it would be much easier to find.

They really deserve their own section if the artists were interested

I dont think anyone has posted it here, but Archive of Our Own has several fanfics for Choice of Broadsides, Choice of the Vampire and the Heroes Rise trilogy.

I AGREE they should
Guess I should share.
One of the stories that brought me here was choice of Dragons and I had enjoyed the dragon I designed so much that I Drew him up!
Meet Rogue


It be nice to have a specific page/category for the games that will be totally cool especially games from Choice of Games titles and Hosted games. Good way to promote and make more people aware of COG

But games Drágóneer, Guenevere and Sabres of Infinity are WIPs right? or are they already in the works to be published? If the game/s is/are a WIP will that count? Found some other WIP games also with some fan fictions.

Both Drágóneer and Guenevere are WIPs but, Sabres of Infinity has been out for 2 years already.

Yeah Heroes Rise even has a section on Deviant Art. Zach (or whoever runs the Heroes Rise FB page) pulls stuff from there frequently. I think that’s very cool.

I would think the authors would be flattered that other folks like their stories enough to draw characters and write their own little stories (copyright issues aside).

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Eh? Mistake mistake sorry.

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