Fan Works of Choice of Games/Hosted Games

What is your opinion on fan art/fiction of your COGs/HGs/WIPs?
Do you enjoy it? Would you like to be consulted before the fan artist posts their work on the forum? Or would you rather that fans not make fan works?
I am interested in all opinions!


I adore it! In fact, I would like to see more. As for me, I wouldn’t need to be consulted–I would love to see fan art of Midsummer or Tally Ho. I am not at all a visual artist, and seeing visual representations of characters I wrote about is about the funnest thing I can imagine.


I’m a fan. :slight_smile:


I think it’ll be difficult to find any creator, especially here where we mingle so openly with players/readers, that wouldn’t like to see what others can come up with based on the worlds we create and people we describe.

Personally I’m all for fanworks, just as long as I and others get to see them! :smiley:


When it comes to fan art, most writers have no problem with it. I know I’ve commissioned a bunch here and there, especially in @jeantown Guenevere as well as a couple pieces inspired/based on @Sashira Monsters of New Haven High.

Other works, like fanfiction can be a bit more iffy. Some writers don’t care for it, especially as they don’t want it to influence their writing, and for a few other reasons. Other writers once again don’t mind it, thrilled that someone wants to make something based on their work.


I’ve drawn for about three games:Samurai of Hyuga Book 2 - #386 by Phoenix_Wolf, Kingdoms: Embers In Ashes[WIP] [OLD VERSION] - #2805 by Phoenix_Wolf,
SoS: The Mortal Coil (WIP) - #820 by Phoenix_Wolf
I really like making them but I always ask for permission just in case they don’t want fan art. Every author reacted positive.

New one: The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One (WIP) - #1402 by Phoenix_Wolf

Edit: Myra Starr is a common internet name I use and a common name I use among my MCs. Should you see a Myra Starr, that’s me. :wink:


I’ve certainly received fan-art, and have greatly enjoyed them all. (Sadly only three artists, to my recollection, so far, but I’m always hopeful for more.) I think my main requests would be that people keep the art clean (my characters are still under 18), and share them with myself and the rest of the community. :smile:


Yeah, I can also count on one hand the number of times we’ve gotten some, but it’s always REALLY awesome to see! I always ask permission to post publicly so other fans can enjoy. My favorite part is seeing their MC and how they pictured the other main characters (especially since a few can be gender swapped based on your choices).

And I know this is probably a bit of a pipe dream given the medium and small-ish market, but if I ever saw anyone cosplay as one of our characters…omg, I might lose my mind with excitement. :laughing:


If I ever end up writing something, I would personally feel glad to receive fan works. For the moment I’ve created both fanart and fanfiction of CoG and the responses were positive, but I believe that it’s important to respect the boundaries of an author so if any of them would not want me to share it, I wouldn’t do it.

I personally like to draw my Mcs and the characters, and (unless I didn’t like the game) I’ve drawn about every CoG games I’ve played. Although I’ve only shared a few, while the project is still developing or not so long after it is published. I usually play most of the games long after they are published and it doesn’t make so much sense to share them anymore.

Long time ago I created a thread about opinions on fanfiction and I went in detail what my opinions were so I’ll just post it here:


I love seeing fan art and have even had a competition which had some amazing entries in it. Fan fiction can be cool too.


Once I am far enough in my project I plan on following your example for fan art for the npc’s :blush:


Remarkably, I am shocked, there should always be fanarts. I already made two for Choice of Games posted on the forums of ‘Versus: The Elite Trials’ and on ‘Who is your favorite love interest’ made by sheer backbone and hardwork. Saying that there shouldn’t be fanarts means I should delete them right now—my two pieces of art that I had started digital painting with—and using to refresh my Devianart account—after a long absence in writing after improving my art in difficult self-tutoring (it was hell). It would be heartbreaking.

To those who haven’t seen…I am posting them below here…And I had even intended to post a fanart of my MC on the VERSUS Books here on the forums…So yes, please allow dedicated fans to make fanarts please. :heart:




If people were to create fanart of anything in Paradigm City, I’d be flattered. There’s a part of me that loves seeing how people’s mental images of characters and events can differ.


Actually, I loved your story but on the first chapters because I couldn’t buy the next chapters. But when I (if I can) do buy it (still, a student here) I might create fan art for the MC’s idol because she seems awesome. XD
It’s still one of the books I’m looking forward to getting.


Personally, I would love it if an artist or someone made drawings of my WIP or even built off the world. I like world building and I have no qualms of other people coming in to play with me.


Man Prodigal our romance was short lived but shall last an eternity.


As an artist not trusting in their skills enough to pull it off, sitting here with a head-full of ideas for Hero: Unmasked! is devastating.
(I’ll try regardless and the mope)


Of course! It doesn’t have to be museum-ready to still be cool for the author and fans of the work to enjoy it. Crank it out and see what kind of reaction it gets. My guess is you are pleasantly surprised.

I would not only enjoy fan art, it would have a small chance of leading to a paying gig. Between eventually needing at least 1 or 2 illustrations for NPT and having some children’s books I wrote that I have wanted to do something with for ages, always looking for someone who can art.


Is there a specific thread for fanworks?

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Most stories and WIP have a specific thread, so I imagine it would go there. But I have seen some fan art/fanfic threads for dedicated stories.