Little Art and Appreciation event?

I don’t know if this idea sounds good or can i do the idea here but I love CoG so here i am.
I just want to hold a little drawing event for valentine day. (No prize, this is a free event, i’m just a poor college student, pls bear with me)
The rule is :
Draw your character or favorite scene from one of cog/hg official games or your favorite WIP from the forum.
The drawing doesn’t need to be really good or something, just a little sketch is fine. (Show your love for the game!!)
I would love to see you guys’s art and favorite scene, also this maybe help some developer/author who need an artist for their wip/game, And the most important is the appreciation for the games and wips!!11!

The deadline is 14 February 2018 so get your pencil and start drawing!!
I would be really happy if you guys want to join this event aaaaa /hides/

Aaaand Done!! All the fanart and fanfic is really gorgeous, i love how you guys potrayed your mc and the scene so they can look so lovely and real.
Also for you who want to share more fanart and fanfic you can share it here even after the event is passed. Give the developer and writer all of your love!!


Sighs… (wish he could draw something else than a stickman/woman)


every art is art in the end


Well, I’m working on the art for my own game right now. Does that count? :yum:


OKAY!! IM READY!! :triumph:

psstt…dont forget your overdue art

err… :sweat_smile:

ONLY from one game, or can we do as many as we want/have time for? :smiley:

Refrence to a WIP called ‘‘Fox of Sunholt’’
This is the best picture I’ve ever drawn, no regrets


Let’s see if I can actually remember to draw it… or find the time… or decide on a game…

I still don’t know how to quote from mobile so i’m just gonna mention the manual way so eyy

It counts i guess??!? I’m planning to draw fanart for your game too.

@The_Lady_Luck you can make as many as you want! There’s no limit. Good luck!

@Fay 10/10 would show da wae . Excellent art.

@leo @Curious_Boy @needs-to-be-loved i know you guys can do it! Lets do this together.

Can someone show me how to quote on mobile…


Basically just press the first button in your toolbar, the one to the left of “B” :slight_smile:

Thank you!! Aa i’m gonna try it later

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Oooh I’m really interested with this idea!:smiley:

(And don’t worry, I know the feeling of being a poor college student😂)

Ahh! OMG, I love you!!! :sparkling_heart:

It’s beautiful!!! :grin:

I don’t think we need to bother waiting for anymore art. You win. Here’s a trophy. :trophy:


I just realised I haven’t picked up a pencil in months which is bad, bad, bad. Anyway, quick (and sorry a bit out of practice) sketch for @ChaoticJackal because I’m a sucker for dinosaur stories :smile:



I like how you focus on detailing the eye, its beautiful :heart_eyes:


Thanks @needs-to-be-loved :blush:

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Very beautiful art, @Jacic! :slight_smile:


Thanks @ChaoticJackal. Looking forward to seeing what you do with your game. The world needs more dinosaur choice stories and yours looks interesting :smile:


@Fiogan. For you. Hope you can tell what it is lol


(Everyone else jump in with their sketches! I’m having fun procrastinating with gift art :smile: )