ok i am getting a headache from all the coding and i think it would be nice to do some artwork too i am not the best artist but not the worst either… if u need a artist then just tell me u do and u can also tell me about a pic u need i will draw it if u like it i am happy to help and if u don’t… well i wouldnt be sad cause i know i am not an amazing artist

Why don’t you post something you have drawn
Give people a view of your stuff I know I would like to see some

ok i will draw 1 now i cant find my best arts but the ones i have are just like drawn in 20 min

i have heard u r a great artist pale strider

and wat should i draw iam out of ideas

Ummm why don’t you make…a Fanart picture for one of the games on here
I did one for tin star and one for resonance

ok i will make 1 for zomie exodus though i never made zombies before well will atleast give me some experience :stuck_out_tongue: so pale strider how long deos it take u to make a pic ???

Oh that really depends on what I’m doing
But it usually takes 8 or more hours for a full color person

A drawing is never done you just stop working on it lol

the best pic i ever drew only took me 2 hours but there arent many details in it i think i should take longer this time

this took about 5 or 6 to do but thats not counting the sketching just doing it over on my ipad
that was for tin star

that is amazing
did u use photoshop for coloring it?

@Pale_Strider Woah. That is really good.

even my sis can’t draw that good :stuck_out_tongue:

so i heard right that ur a amazing artist

Nope no photoshop just a paint program on my iPad I only used photoshop for one picture ever

this one
thats for lordirish game

oh and thanks for the complements

r u like a real artist? u can draw better than … the creator of mona lisa don’t know his name

Well it’s not a full time job just do it in my spare time for people on here
And your thinking of Leonardo
And I’m not that good

well i don’t really find anything interesting in mona lisa so yeah i think ur better than him

So get to work lol
Best way to draw a zombie is to draw a person first then mess them up
unhinge one side of there jaw mess up there hair give a horrible bite wound on a arm or neck blank look in there eye
Bang! got a zombie