Scripter and Artist needed!

I have tried choicescript so many times but I cannot make good games using it. So I really need someone to script it for me
Your name will be clearly seen in the intro and you will recieve just as much credit as I do.
Artist MAY be needed. Unknown currently.

Again, you’ll want to actually pitch your idea in full if you want any chance of someone becoming interested.

I’ll be an artist but I am currently doing another game maybe I can do both

I can be the sripter but I am working On my own game right now so I might not be the best person for you

I might be willing to script (though to be honest I’m not very good lol). I think it’ll do me some to good to get some practice, though. Maybe post a little information on your plan so far?

I’d be willing to be your artist if you like O-o I got a lot of free time this month so I can get it done fast, you can check out my gallery to see if my style works for you -->

I’ve been really curious how you can hire scripters to help you, I have to get a new coder because of conflict of interest with my friends current coding job, so I’d like to know the proceger. Do you pay them or just share credit? Like we worked it out fine being friends but how do you handle that with a stranger?


You do whatever you can agree upon.
For example I’d offer to script for you, if you’d do art for me (I didn’t realise we had talent like that on here!).
I probably wouldn’t pay someone for choice scripting though, there’s plenty of us who’ll help you for free or some talent trading.

Credit is always a good idea.

@KageTehVamp Must say, I really like your style. Very nice work indeed. :slight_smile:


Oh my god, awesome! That would work out beautifully, I’ll totally do art for you for scripting~ :smiley: Send me a PM and we’ll exchange email addresses, get this ball rolling.


Thank you~ :slight_smile: I’m so flattered that you like my stuff.

Guess everyone else is getting help from this thread but me…

@Talon5505 What’s your project about?

@KageTehVamp On it! :smiley:


Like I mentioned above, I’m still open to being your artist, I can take on multi projects (I draw fast…)

I am absolute crud at coding so art is the only thing I can offer if you are interested, no charge, just credit :slight_smile:

I can help with artist yust check out my picture i made it myself

so me and trywan are the only coder you have i think you should choose now.

@irule9344 @Trywm

It might be advisable to find out what @Talon5505 wants coding first.

Does he just want a story converting to choices and variables or is he looking for something more complicated like @AlexCosarca 's Red Moon? If it is the latter, make sure you’re capable of doing that before volunteering.

well i can do most of the stuff like adding your own name setting pictures trying to figure out how to add sound

but iam not even close a good as @Alexcorsarca

@irule9344 That’s great, and it’s always nice to see people offering to help others.
This is why I keep telling people they should really outline their wants and needs or their “project scope” before asking for help. It just saves a lot of time and confusion. I do imagine his needs will fall in line with your abilities, but it’s good to be sure.

People that want to SCRIPT pm me. I will pm the artists