Looking for scripter


I am looking for someone who knows how to use Choicescript very well to make an original game. Please drop a post or send me a message if you’re interested or want to find out more.


I know it doesnt sound very promising but i didn’t get much sleep last night so i’m usually more explanatory


Mabye you should tell us what the game is about?


I’d rather not until i choose someone so no one steals the idea…


@GoldenFantom You can’t afford to think like that.
If you’re worried about people stealing your idea then how are you going to trust a scripter or a beta tester, or your customers (at a later date) ?


Nobody is going to steal your idea. People have their own ideas to use. I’ve been involved in creative writing for a while, and a lot of times this odd fear of plagiarism on the part of writers is sort of delusional. The idea doesn’t matter, anyway, as much as the execution.

But if you don’t want to tell anyone that’s fine. :slight_smile:


I mean not that its a great idea at all, but it’s
-set in the middle ages
it is a monarch-run government and one man (not the character) is starting a rebellion, your character joins the rebellion (i will give options why) and there will be chapters set to progress the storyline, spies within the rebellion, how you will choose to deal with the problems given to you, etc


It would also be nice to have a co-writer so i don’t have to make all of the decisions myself— it would be nice so the game isn’t one-sided


Honestly, you’re probably not going to find a scripter. This isn’t an insult on your idea or anything. This is in general that people tend not to like to script. That’s the hard, unfun part. If someone can script they’re much more likely to want to bring their own ideas to life. You may find a cowriter, but perhaps not because, again, it’s still not their idea.

The best advice I can give is for you to learn choicescript yourself. I’m not a scripter, but learning the basics of choicescript took me only a day.


I’ve already found someone, just their schedual is a little differwent than mine


Oh. That’s cool. I didn’t expect it. I look forward to whatever is produced.


Like i said, his schedual is a little busy right now, so he might not be able to work on it for a while. Although, i am very excited to work with him.


@GoldenFantom - Who is it?


the creator of The Race


Ill be your coauthor :smiley:


WAIT ANDY… He never volunteered on my thread about needing a scripter D:


I agreed this with GoldenFantom months ago now. Unfortunately, I’ve been too busy lately to help out but my schedule should ease up after Xmas - that’s when I’m likely to be free to help him out.


And i am very patient and can wait—it gives me time to smooth out all the details of the story. I posted this thread before i knew Andy had time in a month or two to start helping out, so i’ll just wait for him.


I sortof went off the radar for a few months lol. school got a little busy but I’m back on track now