Sample works with Chronicler

Just getting started with making a game, and would like a full or partially complete game made in Chronicler to help me figure it out more, including how to do achievements and so on. Anyone have one they’re working on they wouldn’t mind sharing the code for?

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I’ll be glad to post mine for you when I’m farther along. I’m working on a system that is similar to Zombie Exodus that I’m attempting to create using Chronicler. I’ve been attempting to push the programs limits in what I can do with it. So far Ben has been amazing in responding to suggestions for the program. Just being able to jump back and forth between scenes offers many options.

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Thank you. I’ll be looking forward to it.

I know this doesn’t help immediately but if you like I can email you one of my .chronx files. It won’t show you everything but it will definitely get you started as long as you promise not to steal my writing:)

Lol stealing someone else’s work would be beyond lame. I have a couple
ideas, I just wanted to get a better idea how to work with the editor.

Hey, send me a message with your email and I’ll send you over my file. You’ll be able to see how I got it to flow.

Thank you. I appreciate the help.

No problem, sending it over in a few minutes. Got locked into a holiday dinner with family. I’m teaching myself all of this stuff as well but chronicler has helped me make leaps and bounds. I’m working on *if than statements for choices right now and how to make those work properly with choices. I expect to have that down in a few days. This file that I’m sending you is my base creation process that will show you how to set gender choices/opposed stats, classses and the general problems I worked out. I’d appreciate any feedback as well.