Please Help

I’m currently trying to make my own game, It’s actually a story I’ve already gotten written up, have idea’s on it how it should go and everything. I’m just having trouble actually coding it. I’m slowly understanding the basics(I’m not very good at learning things quickly at all) And its actually taken me forever to actually get to the point of understanding what I have. Which is really not even much of the basics. I understand the *Create, *Label( I’m still working on) But I’m kind of lost after I’ve created my Genders which I’m not even sure If I’ve done them properly. Any and all help is welcome.

I don’t know how to script at all but I’m curious about your game .so whats the plot

The main character is born a mutant with a certain defect. They’ll come into their ability
more than likely painfully depending on which ability is chosen. They can chose whatever path they’d like though regardless there is a possibility of being hounded by the government, or tracking down their parents. It’s really just something I’m still working on. Not only the coding but the story itself. I’m planning several endings though I haven’t gotten to it just yet. I’m still in the teenage years… The game Children of Iseir: The Flames of Rebellion makes me want to try development showing the main character growing and what not. There should be mild romance, but mostly going to try for action and a little mystery.

It’s not well thought out though :slight_smile: It off the top of my head one day. For the ACTUAL story the game is being based off of I only have 10 pages written.

Without some more details on what you’re actually having trouble with, it’s hard to gauge what will help you. If you could ask something a little more specific (like how to do something) we can help, but just asking for ‘help’ gives us little idea of what you actually need/want.

Pretty much what Reaperoa says, with just some additions from a near-noob perspective.

You don’t actually need the *create command. In fact, I’m not entirely sure what it’s still doing being mentioned in the basic helpfiles as it seems to be a carry-over from an earlier version of ChoiceScript and actually serves only to confuse the issue for a brand new user . . . It certainly did me.

You should be defining all your variables (such as gender) in the mygame.js file, then within the story just use *temp for any temporary variables not needing to be stored beyond that scene. Both types of variables use the simple *set command to make changes (e.g. “*set cash +100”, where ‘cash’ might be either a *temp variable OR one permanently defined in mygame.js). Just remember that if you don’t use +/- or similar in a *set command then you are overwriting, not merely amending, whatever value that variable stores (e.g. “*set cash 100” changes the value of cash to 100, regardless of current value).

*label is even simpler to use, with just two things to remember–each must be a unique, single_word name (i.e. no spaces), and don’t use upper case (capital) letters in the name (same applies to all variable names, incidentally). You use *label to mark the start of a different point in the scene, primarily so you can use “*goto label_name” within the story, usually as a result of a player *choice or a conditional thing (e.g. if agility is too low, *goto fall_down_pit, else *goto jump_across_pit, etc).

Finally, always use only Internet Explorer for testing your game (for the full error messages), and a text editor capable of properly displaying line numbers (so you can see exactly where your errors are occurring), such as Textpad or Notepad++.

Okay thank you both. I’ll try to study it a bit more see if I can figure it out without help again. But Honestly I need a walk through. Because Once I stated I didn’t really get far. Once I’d made the Gender choices I couldn’t figure out how to actually go about continuing the writing. How to make sure it shows the right words of he or she when needed.

I’ll just keep trying though. But Thank you.

I know how hard it seems when you first start out and have little or no previous programming experience, but I would honestly say that it’s really not as hard as it can seem at first . . . and is definitely nowhere near as difficult as a ‘proper’ programming language.

FWIW, one of the things I found most helpful was to sort the forum on Game Development topics only and then working my way back through them looking at the types of scripting queries other had asked in the past. Often others have posted snippets of example script to explain something, which was a great help in clarifying things in my own mind. It’s useful to study those samples to figure out for yourself why that example works, etc.

Also, bookmark the various helpfiles (basic ChoiceScript, Advanced, stats page, etc)–you’ll find you probably refer back to these a lot in the early days . . . But stick with it, it definitely gets easier. :slight_smile:

Alright I will most definitely do that thank you so much :slight_smile: