Completely Confused, Need Help Please


Greetings everyone. I’ve enjoyed quite a few games from both sides, Hosted and Choice.

I’m not new to writing stories, but new to adding variables and writing in such an open script where I define everything. I’ve done a little, and I do mean small amount of basic website coding years ago in high school.

I don’t particularly understand everything about how to add coding in the right places to make the story flow, end, and such. I would like help understanding exactly how to write while including the coding in the story to make it into a viable product.

I have a basis for the story, even the ability to understand what the coding does, just not the comprehension on how to exactly make it all fit together.

I don’t have a mock up written simply because every time I start one I end up deleting in in favor of asking someone else to do it. But I want to do it myself, it’s just that I need a lot of help from step one honestly. I would be grateful to anyone willing to offer their time and expertise on this new venture of mine.

PM’s are the best way to contact me. Replying to the topic to show your interest is appreciated and I will contact you myself if that’s the case.

Thank you very much.


Shouldn’t post email in public, ever, on here or elsewhere. Might want to edit that out. :relaxed:


Thanks for the advice, it’s mostly a throw away email though.


Have you tried reading the tutorial/beginners guide?


Thank you! No I did look through things but my PC does seem to have its issues where it readily omits things from a page. Would you mind providing a link to it please?

EDIT: Nevermind thank you I found it.


These are on the website, but somehow I missed one of them for about a month when I first started coding:

This is outdated in a few areas, but it’s worth a look if you want to learn more:


Lynnea Glasser’s tutorial built in Twine:


Thanks, I checked it out. Very helpful.