Noob here where do I start?


I’m a writer who is currently working on an Alien/Scifi Romance series for kindle. While doing some research I stumbled upon Community College Heroes. I got super excited about it, did some research and ended up here :grin:

My question - where in the heck does a Noob get started? Any links or articles anyone can point me too so that I can ready and try to figure out how this all works?

I have zero scripting or programming experience.




The main website has a good basic introduction

The wiki is good for more specific things.

@RETowers has a tutorial

As does @Lglasser

Help creating a game

welcome to the forums!


Thank you this is awesome.


If you have any errors that you can’t seem to untangle, just post on the forums for help. The community is very friendly and helpful :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forums, TJ.

As someone who also just started coding recently, I wish you luck and patience. It can be hard when starting out, but you’ll get the hang of it and, in my case at least, it might even be kind of fun to experiment and play with.

And you’ll have plenty of help if you ever get to stuck.