Overwhelmed newbie, any suggestions?

I’ve been reading and looking over Choicescript, etc.

I feel like I’m reading and alien language. The more I try to understand the coding, the less I seem to understand it.

Any hints? I’m sure once I figure it out, I’ll be fine. It just seems so overwhelming right now and nothing is seeming to make sense.

Maybe I’m just too old, lol.

Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Hi Jen –

Welcome to the community. I’d check out the following to begin:

Once you explore these resources, you can follow basic examples in the Wiki and even look at the code that others use.

Then, the best advise is to begin with a simple thing … like choosing a name, try to write the code yourself and if you still need help in getting it to work, post in the Choicescript help sub-forum…

There are a lot of people who will go over your code and help you master it, step-by-step.


Welcome to the forums first of all.

I know the feeling when it comes to “alien languages.” I had somewhat the same opinion about it when I first started.

Truth be told it’s far more simple than it actually appears. I thought it was complex at first, but the more I experiment and go with it…the simpler it gets. Still far from good truth be told.

Hints. :thinking:

I suppose the first thing I started was to deal with the wiki. I made sure to read through most of it to get acquainted with stuff.

Another thing you could do is visit dashingdon, and poke through various games there and see how things are made by other authors. That is also one of the things I’ve done… I didn’t copy anything truth be told. But I did spend a lot of time just observing the coding itself.

I guess you can always grab CSIDE and start experimenting, running the stuff and just…playing with choicescript…get some familiarity with it and see how it breathes. Either way, practice does wonders…

But overall take it easy. :slight_smile:

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After a weekend of reading and trying out software, I’m starting to get that hang of things. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s been a long time since I’ve had such a problem figuring something out.

Thanks for the replies/suggestions.


Feel free to return if you have more questions. We usually hang out at the ultimate noob thread, but if you have specific topic to ask, feel free to create one.

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