Best way to learn choicescript

Whats the best video or tutorial to go learn how to use choicescript?


This : ChoiceScript Wiki | Fandom , and posts in this very forum under the “Game Development” & “ChoiceScript Help” categories.

Don’t forget : You will never learn, unless you experiment with the various commands ChoiceScript offers first!


Personally, I find a good way to learn is to look at the code of other games- invaluable for learning general little tips and tricks, and reading code will give you a better idea of what it should look like and help you write and bug fix your own.
The key thing is to write your own code, and start small- I wouldn’t start out by trying to write a 400k word blockbuster- maybe try just writing tiny games or even just scenes until you get the hang of CS and all the things you can do with it, so you can take your skills that you learn with small projects and apply them to bigger things.
I would also recommend CSIDE or another helpful program- it makes everything, from bug fixing to playtesting, so much easier.
Most of all, have fun!


“Best” will really depend on your own learning style.

I’ve just started learning recently too, and like @InverseSky said, CSIDE seems to be a solid program. It also comes with several tutorials that have been helping me pick up the basics. And, as others have said too, looking at existing code and poking through this forum have both shown me just how versatile and handy ChoiceScript can be.

Ultimately, the more you tinker and write, the more you learn. :+1: