How difficult is it to learn ChoiceScript?


I haven’t downloaded it yet, but I’m curious as to how difficult it is to learn ChoiceScript and how long it may take to learn the more advanced features. I have around a month of free time and want to use it to learn ChoiceScript language.
Note: I’ve worked with html, css, php, visual studio etc in the past. Maybe it’s kinda similar?


I’d say it’s quite accessible indeed. I don’t have experience with any other coding languages at all, and I’ve nonetheless been able to pick it up.

In addition to reading the the website’s pages on choicescript (starting here:, there is also a choicescript wiki ( which is a good place to look around if you get confused or have questions.

I would also suggest looking at the code of an existing choicescript game to see how it all gets put together. It’s helpful for getting a feel for what choicescript coding actually looks like.

Plus there’s lots of helpful people on the forum if something goes awry and you’re not sure why :slight_smile:


Choicescript should be easy for you in that case. It’s a very simple language, you should have a good understanding of it within a day.



I think a portion of it depends on your level of devotion to learning initially. It took me about a year after downloading it to decide I was going to buckle down and actually learn how to code with it. Looking back on things, now, coding for choicescript seems easy- but initially I did make a good many newbie mistakes, which is sure to happen, and had to ask how to do a lot of things. I learned a lot the first month, though I was scripting the entire month because the CScomp was going on and I decided to enter. But at the time I made some things more difficult for myself because I didn’t know everything then that I do now. It’s a learning process- after learning the coding itself, there’s also a period of learning how to use the code in efficient and creative ways. I think it’s important to remember that the first thing one must learn… is that learning is possible. It’s actually pretty intimidating at first, before learning where to start and figuring out what to do to fill in a blank slate, but it gets easier the further along you get and the more practice and knowledge you acquire.

All the best in your future CS endeavors!


If you have experience in programming then it’ll be the easiest language you’ve ever learnt! (It really is very simple, I’d say it’s been designed to be that way, as its limited to only producing a certain type of product, even though it allows you to do many interesting things)


I’m learning Python, arguably one of the easiest out there, and CS might just be as easy, or even easier. Features are simple enough to understand.


I’m not a coder, and not all that great with computers. I love ChoiceScript. You can write a working scene in half an hour. I think a month is a good period of time to be confident at CS without knowing every little obscure thing (that you’ll look up when you want it).


I agree it’s one of the simpler coding languages out there. If you’ve never done a lot of coding before there’s a bit of a steep learning curve to get the basics and then it gets easier as you start to recognise the patterns, learn the basics and recognise what the errors messages tend to be and how to fix them. Since you’ve done coding before it should be easier for you but it still is its own system.

You can write choice using just the basic coding if you need and a month should be enough to at least get the basics down (maybe more depending on how easy you find it).

The community here is pretty supportive. If you’ve read the instructions on the site and hit a problem you just can’t work out, chances are someone here will be able to fix it if you ask.