Choice script for amateurs


I’m new to the website, but I’m really interested in creating my own choicescript game. I was just curious about how easy it is to use choice script as a beginner and I wanted to know the amount of time it would most likely take me to finish. And I have never coded in my life… So to all those who have made or a currently working on a game in choicescript. How did you find your first time using choice script? How long did it take you to finish?

And if you have any tips please feel free to share :slight_smile:


Choice script is pretty easy to pick up, and what you can do with it is only really limited by your creativity. As for how long it’ll take to finish a game, that depends on a number of things, not the least of which is how much depth you want to give the choice system. If it’s pretty straight forward with fairly predictable branching, then it wouldn’t take you very long compared if you used a branching story line that’s heavily influenced by your choices and stats. Depending on how quickly you pick up choice script and how good of a story teller you are, your game could take as little as a few months up to a year or more.


Choicescript is pretty easy to understand. But it gets a bit tiring indenting and scripting, so it’s pretty easy to take breaks from whatever game you’re making. Also, here’s some tips;

Create webs - If you don’t know how to start your story, they’ll be helpful to get you somewhere.

Watch out for errors - There will be numerous times when your game won’t start properly, or a certain point in the story won’t work.

Use IE or Firefox - You’ll pretty much always get a error message on Google Chrome- offline. But if you prefer to still have Google Chrome like me, you put it on the Web. Such as Webs or Dropbox. I Preferably, use Dropbox. Webs is too much of a hassle.

Have some Perseverance - It’s just like writing a Novella minus the Scripting… and errors.

And last but not least, Good luck! :slight_smile:


it’s easy to understand but some of the advanced stuff is harder lke hiding your a certain stat i still don’t understand that yet


I found CS pretty easy to get my head around, but that writing in CS takes at least 2-3 times longer than writing a “normal” story of the same length – and that’s not just the coding, but (for me) the extra time it takes to think through and flesh out different alternatives, rather than just sticking to a main plot.

And btw, @irule9344 (and others who have found this confusing): you don’t ever have to hide stats. Stats are naturally hidden. They live in mygame.js, which no one but you sees. You can choose to show stats by putting them in a choicescript_stats file; anything in the choicescript_stats file will show up when the Stats Button is clicked. But if you want to keep a stat hidden from the readers, you don’t have to do anything special… just don’t put it in choicescript_stats.


but then how r they defined as percent, text and true or false??? :confused:


Irule, what do you mean? You don’t need that in normal CYOA games. Especially the ones from most gamebooks, lol.




@irule9344, good question. When you add a stat to mygame.js, you decide whether it’s going to be a number, a “Boolean” (true/false), or text. You do that simply by naming the starting value for the stat. So:

stats = {

     ,strength: 50
     ,married: false
     ,name: "Nameless"

is all you’d have to do. CS knows that if the starting value is “false” or “true,” it should treat the stat as a Boolean… if the starting value is in quotes, it’ll treat it as text, and so on.

In choicescript_stats, when you write “text” or “percent”, you’re just choosing how that stat is going to be displayed on the Stats screen – not what kind of stat it actually is. The type of stat is defined by the starting value you give it. Does this help?


They should have a key or a chart with the effects of the code and not examples,because when I look at code my mind starts to make the words run together


ok i understand now thnx