New guy needs help


im new and want to make my own game but i do not have a clue how to use the choice script. is it east to use or should i just not bother makeing one ?


It is an easy system to use if you are familiar with any form of scripting. The majority of coding these games involves formatting the lines of code, using variables, and using the templates they offer. If you are unsure of how to do any coding, even very basic languages, I still think it is fairly easy to learn with ChoiceScript.


I agree with Jim for the most part. I find that it is exceedingly easy to use with little to no experience. Even if you begin rather simply, it is easy to understand and problems are relatively simple to isolate for the most part. If you have any problems feel free to send me a message and I’ll do my best to help you just as I’m sure many here would gladly help in the forum. Good luck!


i started doing choice script with no programming knowledge what so ever.
the first game i made sucked hard but my second one Born a king is going quite well.


Like appleduck, I also start with nothing. I like to think my first and current game is quite competent in the coding sense.

Also you can find a tutorial in the homepage.


how do you make a choice game


but how do i do it im new as well and i have the same problem and i have no idea what you are talking about


Heyy ho, there. Welcome to our not-so-small community.

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This link should be the good 1st step for newbies out there:

While this wiki is for those who’re slightly familiar with how CScript works: