Making Texted games in browser

what is the easiest site to use for coding a game?

Do you mean for ChoiceScript and Hosted Games, or for any text game?

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@rinari Hosted :slight_smile: most i find are so complex and since i’m a little special (a vague as i can be since i don’t want to seem rude) and i don’t learn stuff that easy

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CSide has a browser and desktop version (needs a dropbox account for the browser though iirc). Is that what you mean?

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@MeltingPenguins, looked into but confused about the programming trying to add #You slowly open your eyes and start to look around. you see that you are inside a stall.

It took me three years to figure out the basic comands of choicescript. Three years! I am that bad learning new stuff :smiley:

Did you download the IDE or are using the online version?

There is a interactive tutorial and some videos in youtube that are great to learning the basics.

To be honest, I find it easier to code it all myself in a notepad (I’m still using the old method) because with the simple commands I’m using, it isn’t that hard to structure scenes yourself.

Well that depends what you mean. If you mean a interactive fiction novel on Choice of Games then you can easily find information about such details on the Choice of Games website and clicking, “Make your Own Games,” on the top center-right.

However, if you are referring to games such as games on Steam, games made by a 3D Engine or Browser Game then you have a variety of different choices. I suggest using Unity for making a video game. It is free and is a widely popular software considering the fact that it can make both 2D and 3D games. Flash can be used for browser games as well as Unity, however the choice is very much up to you.

Oh, they already mentioned they are intending on making a games for Hosted Games, so, choicescript based it is. :slight_smile:
And hello

@Nahim_Kerman @Dice @Gareth so much info to take it. i understand that it easy for people who have experience and stuff but i word stuff different and i looked at it, it went over my head so :sweat_smile: