Thinking of making a game but know nothing of scripting basically

Should I still try? Or should I just give up and go learn about coding in general? I’ve tried several attempts to make a game before and I’d like to incorporate my writing style in it. I’m just not willing to put forth the effort coding-wise which is, yes, I know, very lazy.

I’ve used many programs and studied a bit in the past into JavaScript, Ruby, and the like but never got that into it. One of those programs were RPG Maker but I’ve left a lot of unfinished projects even with the help of other people’s scripts out in the open for public use.

However, even if it will be difficult adapting to this system. I’d be willing to try.

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Allow me to throw this at you:


That’s interesting. Well, thanks, I guess it’d make my experience better in the long run. Better hit the reading now… thanks again for the recommendation.

I’ve only ever learnt Python and C++ and I’m doing fine

I’m sure you’ll handle the coding like taking a walk in the park

But then again I am a programmer who uses those languages on a daily basis to make a living, so take what I said with a grain of salt I suppose

Starting out without programming experience can make things harder, but ChoiceScript is easier than most other languages.

You should take a look here and download the examples. If you take a look at the files you can see how things work and test making changes. It’s much more simple than it looks.

You can do some more advanced stuff, but that is not required to make a fun or a good game.

You can also ask here if you have problems and people will try to help with what is going on.

This wiki also provides examples and more details on commands available in choicescript:

That really puts you leagues ahead of most of us, I think. I only know HTML and CSS (well, Pug/Jade and SASS, too), which are virtually the most basic languages out there and only used for frontend work, and I’m sure there are some writers on here who are even more inexperienced with coding than I am.

Fortunately, ChoiceScript is very easy to use, once you get the hang of it. The wiki and CSIDE are a huge help, and if you’re ever not quite sure how to go about doing something, you can look at the code of other games (only the chapters you have access to, though).

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You could also use Chronicler which is a program which limits the amount of coding needed.

As a newbie coder, I prefer using what @GoldenSilver posted! its quite easy to use and most of the needed coding can be found in the choice of script wikia ( or in the choice of script forum page (

P.S. I know nothing of coding such as java, HTML, CSS, or anything else >.>