How to Create a CoG?


Hi everybody I’m going to try to make a game and FairyGodfeather has given me some good links but I’m not completely sure how to go about starting to code so if any experienced users can give advice I would be grateful.


Start with

Another great method of learning to code is by reading other people’s code. You can do that by going to the scenes folder for any game on the website. So for Choice of the Dragon it’s and just look at the txt files.

As a total beginner I was actually really stuck until I read CS_Closet’s tutorial at It stopped everything being quite so overwhelming.

Download the file at read CS_Closet’s tutorial and see if things make sense.


Alright I’ll try thanks FGF.


I’m halfway through part 2 in but I’m stuck on the part where it says web/mygame/mygame.js when I try to click on the last part mygame.js is says error.


You don’t need to do the mygame.js stuff. The new choicescript has ensured there’s no need to mess with it anymore.


Ahh thank you again FGF. Is it ok if I work on this later, school work and all. “Shrugs.”


Of course it’s ok.


Thanks man. Curse you Trigonometry!


Alright I completed my Trigonometry homework and am ready to start writing this thing!