Learning to Code

So While Trying to learn coding on my own, with no coding experience at all, I found it beyond Difficult to learn. Even though I gave up, I was still trying to find ways. And I’ve finally found one! Sure it’s kind of slow going but I thought maybe I could share it here for someone else that may have the same issue. Despite how long I’ve been here I’ve never seen this site mentioned. So Here it is, http://www.codecademy.com

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Code academy is a fine site, but it can’t help you with Choicescript, which is what pretty much all of us here are attempting to code in. That would likely be why it’s never mentioned.

ChoiceScript may seem hard at first, but it’s actually easy if you read the help section and try it yourself. However… I still have no idea about the fair math. Probably because it’s math. Don’t like math…

I’ve tried by reading it the help guides. And it did absolutely nothing for me. I tried several times. I didn’t really mean it as in to just advertise it. Once I’d given it a try and I was able to actually work through it on that site, I understood it, I could see the changes for myself instead of going through trial and error. I spent hours trying to understand it, and I just didn’t until this site. If this thread needs to be deleted or closed that’s totally understandable. I just thought it might help others that may learn in a similar fashion as I do.

Coding is hard I had to read and try for days but atleast I know how to make a game now, just try and ask here on the forum the things you dont understand

@Outrageous but maths is awesome!

Anything that helps with coding is a good idea. Thank you for sharing a resource you found helpful. I can’t see why this thread would need to be closed or deleted.

I found that the classes I took nearly 20 years ago helped. The programming languages were completely different, but the logic that’s used was similar. There are things that seem to carry over.

I can’t math or words

Okay and you’re welcome :slight_smile: I’m not very good at math either, but words are a strong point for me. So I tend to write, a lot. Hopefully it does help someone. Soon I’ll be working on my own game to develop once I feel I’ve gotten a good understanding of the coding itself.

i am just learning too… I had to read over and over the stuff just to understand what they are saying… I know get basic stuff but other things I feel I will just get confused :frowning:

@RockstarPenguine Yep that was ny exact problem. But this site helped me greatly :slight_smile:

I once thought the same as others when it comes to learning Choicescript. In fact, I didn’t even try to learn Choicescript because I felt it’d be too hard and because I had zero coding/programming knowledge.

Once I sat down to actually try it, I learned it within a day or two. Believe me, I’m not smart when it comes to this kind of stuff either.

So, if anyone wants any help, feel free to ask me, though I’ve still got a lot to learn. It’s just that I’m willing to try and help, even if others are much more suited to the task. The basics I can help with however, which is pretty much all you need to create a game/story. I mean, with the basics learned, I can even implement a proper RPG style leveling system should I so desire where you choose to spend exp, and I will do so if a project I’ve planned ever comes to fruition.

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ChoiceScript came quite naturally to me because when I picked it up I had already been programming for two years. I wasn’t particularly good at programming (and still aren’t, save for in ChoiceScript), but I found that just understanding the logic and syntax and basic principles of coding really helped to pick up ChoiceScript.

If I recall correctly, ChoiceScript is loosely based on JavaScript. Personally I think ChoiceScript is simpler than JavaScript, but if Code Academy helps someone learn the basics easier so they can then move to CS, I say go for it. Whatever makes it easier.

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Just to clarify, choicescript isn’t based on JavaScript, it’s actually wrote IN JavaScript.
Any choicescript code you write is ‘turned into’ (and executed) as JavaScript.

But you’re right in it being simpler, that’s the whole idea, with choicescript you can (sort of) use JavaScript to make games like this, without knowing JavaScript (which is much more complicated than choicescript) - if that makes sense?

If anyone reading this wants to give Code Academy a go with a mind to also learning choicescript, I’d sooner recommend you look at the Python tutorials, as it’s syntax is much more similar to choicescript’s than that of JavaScript.

@CJW Ah, that’s right. Cool, thanks for the clarification. Makes sense to me!

I don’t know how to grammar

I am not sure if this was mentioned or not, but there is a place called countersongs closet that has a really good choicescript tutorial.


It helped me a lot, and I am a complete novice at all coding. (html does not count)
I have never published anything because I am a suck writer :slight_smile: but I can make the games work (on a simple level at least)


I suggest learning the Pseudocode, simple, humane, and effective.