Help with First Game in ChoiceScript

I need someone who could chat with me or help me with scripting or give advices (I’m just 14 year old brat lol)

I am completely new to this but I atleast learned the basics and how to use choice script, what I need right now is someone who would judge my work or say something like “I think it should be better if you do this instead of that…” …

I desperately need someones help with those lol, I won’t ask you to teach me or something I just want someone to give comments or something

for now It only has atleast 500 words… yeah just 500 lol

I know I’m asking too much but, if you can help me please do

I’m going to continue writing after building up stuffs- or not I’ll just build the story up first before the stats

my work is “


You have hundreds of people right here ready to chime in! What’s the problem?

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there’s also the discord server. Lotsa nice helpful people there

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can I have the discord link? thank you

Thank you, the problem is not here yet I just need help with how should I build it or what to do with it

Check out Master List: Links for Beginners. That will provide tons of resources for you! More specific questions can be asked here, and we’re more than happy to answer.

The more specific your questions, the better help we can give.


I’ll be sure to ask a question when I encounter problems :slight_smile: thank you for the reply.

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I’m working on my first game right now too. I found COG’s FAQ extremely helpful (specifically the section on how to design a game).

And some advice on writing in general! Try to spend some time working/practicing every day. Getting into the habit of writing regularly will help a lot.


can I see your work?

also thanks for the reply, I just read the whole how to design a game specially the turn your depression into an inspiration, as you said its extremely helpful but I already planned to do almost all of them but what I need is someone to talk about my story, someone who would read it and make comments > . > its extremely short for now but I’m planning to extend it tomorrow

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I recommend hosting your game-in-progress at Dashingdon (see the link below) to let other people try out your work as you progress. It’s a really useful site!

Dashingdon: Free ChoiceScript Game Hosting

If you’re looking specifically for feedback sent directly to you, maybe it’s worth making a WIP thread to ask for private beta testers when you have a working demo of your game. Or make a WIP thread with the link to your game so people can see that you’re making a game.

I haven’t posted any info about my game or a demo yet, but I’d be happy to PM you a short scene.

I think most people on the forum are happy to provide you with feedback for your work. Right now, as you said, your game is pretty short, so it’s hard to make a lot of comments, but being reincarnated as a god is an interesting concept!

Oh, I see… thank you for the reply

I agree. wait I’ll put that class or standing

I already did,Thank you for the suggestion

Here’s another thread where you can find inquiries from myself and various other newbies who were getting flummoxed by ChoiceScript, and answers from wonderful folks like @ParrotWatcher, @Eiwynn, @Szaal, and too many others to name who all genuinely want to help people like you make your story a reality.

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Ask for help is always a good move. So you are writing a “Shitty Isekai Protagonist” trope?

Ah, I see you’re a man of culture as well.
If you manage to subvert this amazing genre in a CYOA I believe that you will be praised among the writers.

Remember! This kind of story relies in harem (Or reverse-harem if its an Yaoi/Shojodo kind) but remember!

Too many waifu can ruin your laifu and too much husbando is better than mambo!


Re:zero was a great story and it was not unlike a multiple choice game if you think about…

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I know that much, also I’m glad to see a man of culture here

I’ll becareful with the romance and make it realistic

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Hmmm… I think I learned all the codings and how to use those properly already but since I’m having some problems thank you for telling me this, I appreciate your help

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