I need some help coding

I can’t really tell you the details of what my team and I are working on, but I need help coding the first chapter. I’m a complete beginner and the guides I’ve tried to use (including the wiki) aren’t really helping me. I don’t seem to understand how the parts work together or even how the individual parts function at times.

First, I would like know how you can code for names. I have made a list of names, but I don’t know how to make them appear within the text depending on the player’s choice.

I also want the first chapter to start off differently depending on A) who the player has chosen to ally with and B) whether the player was cooperative or not. I’m not sure how to code for that or if it’s even possible to code for it.

Any help you could provide would be appreciated. Coding has been a far bigger pain than writing for me.

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Let’s redirect you to some more guides first. (You’re not going to get rid of them all that easily. Sorry ;P)

The first guide specifically covers name and gender variables, so that should help you with your first question.

The other two guides are a bit less specific.


That first one looks like it will be quite useful.

I’ve stared at and tried to comprehend the other two, but I cannot escape them forever I guess.