Planning issue

So I was working on a game, but due to coding issues I had given up on it. After a kind msg from @andymwhy I decided to take another look at it.

My main issue was that Because depending on Gender and Romance preferences, Friends and Enemies change gender.

Would this be solved by after the first chapter have 4 different versions of Chapter 2 and use the "If…"commands to get them in the right track and go from there?

would this be the normal way to go or do you guys have other suggestion, so that i can keep the character choices relevant to the story without drowning myself in coding?


Well, you just could switch genders in function of player gender there are some really easy ways to do it an Example

What is your gender?
        *set gender "Male"
        *set friend1 "Julia"
        *set friend1_gender "Female"

That is only an example, check the wiki how switch genders and pronouns its the same principle

Yeah but Gender and romance pref would have more drastic impact on the story then simply change pronouns and such, a good portion of the writing would be different.

Yeah but work same

*if (friend1_gender ="Female")
*if (friend1_gender ="Female")and(gender ="Female)

you could mix this variables to do whatever mix you want lol

yeah I hate coding…

Its quite similiar to what I have in my game. Whenever you need to alter the text, just do so in a way like mara described. For me, characters react differently based on your species, some on gender too, and dependant on previous actions. Ive even threw in an Opinion system because why the hell not.

It should work in a similiar premise just for gender. From there you can add more complicated situations whenever you need to.

yeah I think I am in a hopeless need to find a choice-script course that makes sense to me. ( the wiki just confuses me)

I remember when I first found choicescript 4 months ago and didn’t have a clue what to do. It just takes practise and a little time. You’ll understand it soon and be on your way to making a great game!

Have you read the guide on I know it isnt as descriptive and vast as the wiki, but sometimes reading things in differemt words can help you understand it better.

It’s just a question of keep trying it is confusing at first, but you soon would code like a pro
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Yeah no both make no sense to me, I tend to need to visually see a template before i get stuff like that, but i’ll play around with it and see what works for me. Thanks for the help

But if i get it right, it is easier to use those variables, then have 4 stories running separately?

Would you like to view a few of my game scenes in text format? I know it might seem extensive, but I find that working out how things work is key to understanding something.

@poison_mara Im a Ninja Dog now!

EDIT: Yes it is much easier. It also allows you to reuse the same code and text without having to copy and paste.

I could send you code from my game too if you want, but my text code is weird due i code in a phone.

That might indeed be the best way for me to learn @BlazedStorm.

haha thanks @poison_mara but i think it is best at first not to be comfronted with weird looking code :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll send you the links through PM

It’s weird, but works its android poisonous Mara code =))

Haha, yeah once I am ready to switch to coding on my android devices i’ll give you a poke mara.

but first I’ll see if I can get my game to work like i have it planned in my head with BlazedStorm’s example :stuck_out_tongue:

Just a heads up, I talk to myself in my own code through *comment. If your reading it and things get strange, just ignore it xD
Oh, and please do not listen to what I tell people to do in the *comment sections! xD I dont want you rolling over numerous times shouting Rawr Im a Mouse >.<

EDIT: Cant PM on my phone for some reason. Ill just post the link here.

Startup file:

Introduction and character creation file:

Thank you BLazed, copied the links and will have a look at them after work!