Take the risk. Face the consequence. Do the impossible.

Student in Ocean Engineering field :earth_asia: :ocean:
Writing Wild Journey on my free time, a generic medieval-fantasy RPG that pokes fun on real-world cultures, writing cliches, and tvtropes. Here is the thread!

Pardon me if I have a strict and to-the-point tone in my comments. I suppose the academic environment has rooted its crooked fingers around my mushy-ball-part of the head called "brain." But don't be afraid, for I'm a pleb that loves memes and funsies.

I hobby in worldbuilding and storytelling. My favorite games are Magic the Gathering, Titanfall, and as you might guess ā€“ Ace Combat. Well, I like a lot of games, but since I only own a craptop that goes NASA when running anything harder than Skyrim, most of my gaming experience is YT backseat.

If you have any questions, shoot me any questions!
Just to put it here, things that Iā€™m passionate at: