Need some help with first game

Hello there!

You probably haven’t seen me here before. That has to do something with the fact I’m new on the forums. I’ve always loved to write. I’ve written a couple of smaller stories on other websites, and people liked them. More or less. I’ll not write a long story about my life, don’t worry :P.

I’m not new in the games though as I loved to play them. Trying myself out with the ChoiceScript has been in the back of my head for a while now, but I’ve only gotten around to try it out about a month ago. I ended up writing a smaller story, with 102k words in total (with the coding and some duplications I couldn’t avoid).

I’ve written to the email address provided, and they were kind enough to provide me with a pdf file with requirements to host my game. I bet hundreds of people who just can’t find anything (like me) finds them and they still sent me the pdf, so thanks for that. Anyhow, I’m still unsure how the publishing process goes, as I don’t really know or understand some part of it. That’s why I’m turning to you guys for some help. Mostly because they seem to be very busy these days. I’ll get to it right away!

-Beta and demo testing.

Do I just upload my game somewhere like dropbox, dashingdon, or something like that and share my game with you guys to get it beta tested?

*-"A proposed “TrialCutoff” point. This should be the name of a vignette and line number of a choice."

There should be a trial cut off points that’s clear. How do I do that, and what’s with the vignette and number of *choice in the trial part .-.

-Signed contract and payment information

What kind of signed contract? Also if I’m not an US resident but I’d like to get paid via paypal (if I ever get to that part), do I still need get the Certificate of Residency?


I’d have to send a trimmed down choicescript file with the screenshots I’d like to see, that’s clear. But when do I send all I have, including the icon, splash screen, and everything in?


Again, do I just randomly send them everything required in, or they’ll tell me what to send and when?

Also, how do I end the game so that it “saves” my progress, in case there’ll be a 2nd part?

Soo, what would be next thing for me to do now? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry if I seem like the kind who doesn’t understand the simplest things. That might be true, but I like to make sure about things before I do jump into something :P. After things are cleared out, I’ll probably make another thread in the “work in progress” category with my game.

Thanks everyone in advance! (Also yay, my first thread! :blush:)

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Everything is explained (About how publish) in this link

About the Beta Testing you just ask for people for that. When you publish a link with Dropbox with your game on it people will just play it, maybe they will give you a feedback but not exactly what you were looking for.

About the signed contract, in my opinion, you should first start with try to create a “Story Concept” then show an early acces (Alpha) then (Beta) and once you finish your game send it as “Hosted Games” at the email they gave to you in the Link above I sended to you.

The rest I am just oblivious? New too.
Anyway! Welcome to the club! :smile: