New Writer on the Scene!


Hey guys Choice of manning here. Long time CoG player long time forum reader. I’ve finally got the guts up to start writing my own game seriously. Im not sure what its going to be just yet but right now Im into a lot of low fantasy kind of stuff. So probably something like that and im open to suggestions and advice from experienced writers and really anyone if theyre willing. I just know choice script is going to give me a headache from the limited experience Ive had with it… Im also a young student right now but hopefully Ill be able to juggle school and “work” haha, since no one in my city will hire me, This is as good as a job as any right. :). Again big fan of cog and I respect all the writers out there who have given us these awesome games (a.k.a ZE, CoRomance, WWU, CoDragons, SLAMMED, and etc.) and I hope I too will be able to write awesome games like those. I have a few questions below so please help me out with those.

  1. The payment plan was a little confusing but I got the gist. But still I just like someone to tell me how much they’ve made on a single one of their games. If it’s not too much trouble.

  2. I’ve played with choicescript before but I don’t understand how to input gender pronouns like he/she into regular dialogue?

  3. Seeing how stir crazy fans can get Im a little on the fence about putting dropbox demos out there. What exactly are the pros and cons of doing that?


That, sir, is 16 exclamation marks too many.


Nonsense, more exclamation marks equal more exclamation from the reader. Also known as the ‘gasp!’ effect (x17).

There is a thread titled ‘I need help with choicescript!’ and a ‘choicescript help’ tag. But that would be too easy.

As for demos, the only con is being brutally critiqued. That also happens to be the pro.


hi and cheers.Hmm in my country asking for a payment without have a theme or idea seems weird but i think web give you basic.

About demo putting thinks bluntly you even have a theme only a small guideline low fantasy. Why i could try help you if you later don’t even put a open demo. Closed beta is ok for established saga and officials but for Wip i don’t like it.
Its like ey i want your feedback and you get fan of game but i don’t trust you enough to let you play game to give me feedback.if i do so you never buy my game."

ze have open beta sable of infinity had it . I buy it first day even after play WIP because i want have it and love this people work.

With Cogs no public beta i always doubt this would be great of a horror ? demo is small to now i buy all to support anyway.

If you want have massive info suggestions public beta if not a closed one.


@Drazen sorry I cant help it they’re my fav haha!!!
@Jackrabbit thnx for the help man.


There are a number of different ways to set gender pronouns. You can check out this link-

About demos… I’d say there are more pros then cons. It gives a chance for people to test them and get a feel about the game. It also helps the writer because it the readers are pretty good at helping out when the writer is stumped or if there are issues in the game that the writer hasn’t found (and can’t be found with a simple ‘quicktest’. I think the main con would be, well, I’m sure you’ve seen for yourself the harsh critique that some games bring out, one of which is out on the front page of the forum discussions :stuck_out_tongue:


A few cons of posting a demo for open beta:

-It encourages you to write straight from beginning to end, rather than giving you the freedom to work on whichever part of your game you feel like that day. (Gotta get that next part out, after all!)

-If you’re not careful, you could get pushed into making game design choices you wouldn’t have otherwise made (and probably never wanted!).

-I think it’s a little hard for people to be open to the concept of a greater overall theme when they only see the first few chapters. That could lead to well intentioned advice becoming somewhat detrimental.

The pros:

-Having a lot of eyes sifting through your game is the only way to really track down things that autotest misses, like continuity errors and such.

-It’s always useful to get an outside perspective on things that may confuse a first-time reader of your work. This tends to be especially true if you’re going the fantasy route.

-Having people encourage you as you go is great motivation! Then again, if you tend to get a lot of complaints it can discouraging. You just kind of have to hope that people aren’t being crabby for the sake of being crabby that day. :wink:

Anyway, that’s all my half-asleep brain can think of at the moment, but I do wish you luck in whatever you work on @ChoiceofManning.


There’s also the big con knowns as “Author scraps the game, their fans go crazy and travel across the world to force them to keep writing, ending with either a game, or the author’s head in a pike”.

Which happens too many times. We’ve lost a great number of writers this way…


Always a pleasure to welcome a new writer to the scene.
Best of luck! I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with :slight_smile:


Thnx alot for the support guys and I appreciate the advice.
@Aquila Ikr that’s what I’m afraid of.
@Babisko thanks for the link


I been brainstorming all day but I think I found a story to work with first and possible other stories for the future. Still not sure about the demo thing but we’ll see what happens when we get there proabably the best move anyway. Again thanks to everyone who helped me out ill start a new thread soon once I’ve finalized my game plans.


Not one to make a subtle entrance, are you? Ah well, I’ll be wishing you good luck and keeping an eye out for your work, offering whatever constructive criticism I can. Hopefully your enthusiasm bears fruit, hmm?