Game Making Team Needed


Following spots are open.
Not going to post the plans for the game in public, so how about a leap of faith?


I might bite…


i would go for coder but i have many other projects…i…have… to …re—…resist. i love joining a team but srry


As an artist and I’m curious
but I would really need to know what I was going to be drawing
You can PM me if your wish


Okay so what kind of project are you doing , I wish to help with writing and please when this is released as a WIP promise you will take it easy on the story line. Because last time I tried your demi god WIP it jumped from a normal day to a holy crap my mom is hanging on the ceiling by a water noose, then holy crap god of destruction type of deal


The Demigod one is irue9344’s, not Talon5505


Sorry for got who I was talking to trying to talk to 5 different people right now


I will help talon but can he do choice script?


Well it says I need a coder so no I cannot.


hey roslyn u should have told me that it made the writing bad X( well should i change it then


I tried to earlier but school has got my on my toes with work


and it was not a normal day it was called the end of the world by the public for a reason


Yeah but still I would have noticed if I was gonna be the cause of the Armageddon before hand , there would have been a sign of sorts


I have tons of experience coding from college courses, but I’m still learning a few tips and tricks with choicescript. If you’d like I’d be happy to be your coder


Yeah, I’m currently working on my First game.

I plan to make it fairly large so This might be a good break.

I would like to be a coder.


guys check the last post is on december 2012