Coder looking for a project to work on

My name is Adam and I have taken several college courses in programming. I am new to Choicescript, but the best way to learn is to make something with it. If anyone is willing, I’d be happy to help out in coding a game.


i might because the coding takes most of the time and leaves me less time to write

I might maybe the coder i have now might need help

Well I have plenty of time for essentially the next 5 months, so if you both could maybe explain a little more about what you’re working on or just send me the scene you want coded I’ll get to work on it

my coding is gonna be intense so i need a coder who could spare a lot of time. My game is going to end in at least 10 ways and its gonna be pretty long so if you have lots of time but if vampierkid really needs you then you can code for him i know how to code so i don’t really need you but it would spare some time

Why not make your own game @xmaslightguy ?

Well I have plenty of ideas, but I seriously lack a writers ability to make it a cohesive story that actually engages the player…

@xmaslight Hmmm, You should try practice makes perfect… many people on the forum aren’t very amazing story tellers, I myself am horrible XD but I and many try to get our writing skills up with writing something, you should make an attempt at it even if its small, just trying is all that matters, who knows you could be a natural :stuck_out_tongue:

@xmaslight I understand completely how you feel

I can do both the coding and the writing, but for the moment I’m not up to the writing part of doing my own game


I’d actually like to encourage both of you to write your own games. Writing is a skill, but you can learn it. Now what should matter, if you’re doing this as a hobby, is whether or not it is enjoyable. Do you enjoy writing? Or is coding the only fun part for you?

If writing is extremely tough and not fun for you, but you’re a good coder, I’d suggest looking at a different game language than Choicescript. What sort of games do you want to make?

@FairyGodfeather I personally enjoy both, but due to personal circumstances I cannot at this time envision myself undertaking both. Much less actually undertake, manage and complete an entire project by myself, so I default to leaving the management of the project to somebody else, and keeping the most fun part (coding) for myself until I get started.

I have a full story idea written out in my head…But im having a huge problem putting it into code

Firstly apologize for my absence, and now to get back into it

Writing is definitely not enjoyable for me. I enjoy the logic behind coding greatly and also making unique and imaginative settings, but filling those in with details and even worse, characters, just brings my blood to a boil. Not because I don’t like characters or details, but because I can never seem to capture the complexities and individualities that I imagine my characters having.

As for making other games, I am a senior in high school (taking only college level courses) and next year I will attend my school for a degree in computer science. So ChoiceScript is really a good way for me to keep up on the basics I have learned and also improve the logic necessary for every language,

Drop me an inbox and I’ll see what I can do for you

@xmaslightguy Was wondering if you might take a look at my game, “Ghost in the Library”. Even after two years I am still a very poor coder in cs. I am happy to do the code but it takes me Hugh amount of time to do so. Leaves very little time to write. I need more of better coding to take the size down and play smoother. I am not set against all new code if it is better. It would be more of I will write what code I can and give you the details and see what you can do with it. Thanks for your time.