Anybody out there that can help me code?


Hi there! I just started messing around and decided that it would be really fun to make a CoG, yet alas, I am horrid at programming. Is there anyone interested in helping out? I can PM anybody interested a synopsis. Thanks!


Erm I think a rule is here that you cannot advertise for coders. I think rule number 10? :expressionless:


i Quote ‘‘10. Do not advertise for coders. Most people here fancy themselves writers, not programmers. If you’re a coder that wants to pair up with a writer, feel free to say so. But writers, don’t advertise for coders’’


@NateTheGreat ChoiceScript is the easiest programming language I’ve ever encountered and I don’t have any experience as a programmer either. Just start learning it and you will quickly start understanding how things work.


Oh well. Thanks for letting me know. Could somebody close this thread?


Give this wiki tutorial a go, most people (ultimately) find it a lot easier than they initially thought to work with Choicescript:

A lot more rewarding too, but sure I’ll close the thread.