Need a Game Coder


Hello CoG. I am a new member at the forum. After playing some Cog s, I have decided to give a shot at it. I am overall a OK writer. But, I am having alot of trouble while coding. It always has some error. So I have decided that I can’t code. I realy want to make a CoG, so, if there are some coders out there. I need them. If any of u are interested in coding, plz PM me.

thank You for ur time.


@Cahil99 welcome to the forums. Sorry to deliver bad news but one of the rules of this forum disallows posts asking for coders.

From the forum rules:
“10. Do not advertise for coders. Most people here fancy themselves writers, not programmers. If you’re a coder that wants to pair up with a writer, feel free to say so. But writers, don’t advertise for coders.”

Personally, I recommend trying to learn ChoiceScript. I was in your boat a few years ago and stumbled my way through it. If you still want a coder, sometimes people post here asking for collaborators.