Anyone want to work alongside me?


Hi all.

The choice of games rules clearly states that I am not allowed to advertise for coders.

However, I myself have came up with an idea for my first COG game and I am looking for a partner to work alongside with to create this game.

Take a look at my game and let me know whether you want to help.

Link: Trained to Kill Wip

Thanks :slight_smile:


What exactly do you need help with? That would be helpful for any potential partners… Also how much is done already and how much creative input will the partner have?

I checked your link, the idea is interesting…


To be honest, apart from the brief description which I have posted I haven’t really come up with a detailed plan of where this game will go. As for my partner and I, we would bounce ideas off each other for a more detailed plan, character creation as well as main parts and plot etc.
I do have some ideas of my own but not any written down.

and the biggest thing of all, I need a partner who is familiar with cog’s coding.

So essentially, my partner will be an equal.


I’m not taking you up on your offer to be a partner or anything, but if you have any coding questions, don’t be afraid to pm me. That might take some of the load off of you.


@Doctor you sure I can’t persuade you? Haha. thanks for your help although if I don’t manage to find a partner, you’re probably end up regreting it. :slight_smile:


@addicted, your charisma stat is too low, your attempt to persuade fails


I’m not a choice script expert or anything, but if you want a writing partner to bounce ideas off of I’d be happy to help.


I’ll help with ideas and I’ll throw some coding your way if you need to. I don’t have the time to write any chapters or that out for you though, but I’ll be happy to go over what you have, check it, try and enhance it etc. Just PM me if you need to.


How are you handling royalty distribution with your partner?


Seeing as the person that I will be working alongside with will be an equal, it’s only right that the royalties is split evenly.


If you want, I can proof read things for you and help you with some of the story but if you need help with coding then I can’t help with that. Your idea seems pretty damn cool, just telling ya. Good luck with it, I hope it does well!


@lil_astronaut Thanks. I really hope that it goes well too even though things do seem a little bleak right now haha :slight_smile:


You’re welcome. I tried making a game. Started on the first chapter then gave up because I suck at coding. You really gotta applause people to make these games, they’re really impressive mainly because 1, you need to write a good plot with well developed characters and 2, the coding probably takes hours to do.


I’ll be willing to try a co-op project as well. I know a little over the basics of coding (nothing too complex though) and at least think of myself as a decent writer. My main problem is that I am more of writer than a gamer so i’d need someone to hold my hand through on how long of a paragraph is too long and where to put certain choices. So if you are still looking for a partner i’d be willing.

But, if you are into alien, and roaming space type of sci-fi i doubt i’d be willing to go along with the storyline.


@Eternalfire Don’t worry. I’m not making an alien or sci-fi game. Have a look what my game is about and let me know whether you’re still up for it:


@lil_astronaut The annoying thing for me is that I have tons of ideas for games which I think people would love but because I’m so useless at coding, I just haven’t bothered to actually write anything down. Hopefully this one is different though!


I will be willing to help. I’m no expert but I can code. Plus people tell me that i’m good at plot twists, which I guess is always a good thing. The only problem is that I am bad at phrasing words and such.


@ToastlessToast that’s great. Have you had A little look at what the game will be about? If not the link is above.


Sorry should have read it first. Seems interesting enough, i’d be up for it. Is it in a fantasy setting? Swords and magic? Dragons? Medievalish?


@addicted Yea I know what its about. It seems like an awesome idea <3