Co-creating a game

(I am not sure if this is the right category to post this is)

Well, this is super intimidating, and probably bad timing, but I have been thinking about it for months, and nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Is anybody here interested in co-creating a game?
(Specifically with me.:sweat_smile:)

Not for my own WIP, SiS, but for a new project of some sort, or maybe even your current one, if that is something you want, and are willing to let someone else into.

You would be the main writer, while I would do coding and some writing, and we would both create characters, plot etc. I’m not the most knowledgeable coder around, but I enjoy it, and that’s half the battle I think.

The Me:

  • Is very detail-oriented.

  • Cares a lot about representation.

  • Loves fantasy, but happy to write other stuff as well.

  • Enjoys creating and developing settings, lore and characters.

  • Would like to take part in the creative process, but is generally more interested in the planning and coding parts, than in actually writing.

  • Concise.

  • Will happily make illustrations.

  • Is rather blunt/direct in my communication, and prefer to be addressed the same way. (This doesn’t mean mean or disrespectful.)

  • Likes doing all the little stuff, like adding differences based on stats and variables.

  • Is bad at writing motivation and plot.

  • Thinks of IF stories in terms of branching and choices, more than as a set story.

  • Really enjoy creating systems and different ways to handle stats, character creation, etc.

  • Likes editing and trying to make things ”perfect”.


The potentiel You:

  • Loves writing.

  • Would prefer someone else took care of most/all the coding.

  • Is willing to co-create a game, and having someone else edit and critique your work.

  • Preferably lives in europe (or is awake at night) so it’s possible to be online at the same time. (It’s not a must.)

  • Is able to get a lot of words down on paper (or screen).

  • Probably more of a Big Picture thinker, but willing to discuss details.

  • Doesn’t think The_Lady_Luck is a complete useless idiot, from what you’ve seen of them on this forum.

Any questions can be posted here, or sent to me in a PM, at your discretion. :smile:


Wow, we have tons of writers looking for coders. A coder looking for a writer will likely be a hot ticket. Good luck!


Yeah as Matt said, you sound like a perfect potential partner for a lot of folks on here. Even with having to split royalties, I’m convinced that if more people teamed up, with one person primary on narrative and the other primary on coding/editing/bug testing, that work could progress a lot faster and potentially more money could be made. Can you imagine writing a 3,000-word scene on a Saturday and going to bed knowing that your partner was already cleaning up the code/editing the draft text/bug testing?


Well, for me it’s more knowing I wouldn’t have to write 3.000 words of stuff that doesn’t really interest me, before getting to do the fun character moment, or play around with that interesting bit of code. :grin:


It’s times like these I really wish I wasn’t as insecure and afraid to disappoint because co-creating a game sounds like it would be really fun. :sweat_smile: Good on you to offer this, and I hope it works out!


Haha, believe me, I am those things in spades as well! :sweat_smile:

I just kinda figure, I’m not going to find out if I can do it if i don’t try. And as we’re not allowed to ask for coders on this forum, the offer’s probably not coming from the writer’s side.

Thank you! :blush:


A message for the people who’ve contacted me:

It might take a few days for me to get back to you again. Offline stuff is getting in the way right now. :sweat:

@The_Lady_Luck I’m relatively new on the forum so i can’t quite send a DM yet, i’m working on something and am looking for some co-creators, if you’re still interested.

@The_Lady_Luck I would love to co-create a game. I might not be able to work during the week days due to school and being in a different time zone. I might even be able to get my (most likely mediocre) story for the game done. I was thinking of maybe basing the plot off of Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. If you are interested in helping me please DM me or reply.

Edit: Author’s Name

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Hey mate I have messaged you…please read it and reply to me at soonest

Just an update:

As those of you who have messaged me knows, my laptop broke.
It took a month to get it fixed, but I have it back now.

Unfortunately, I’m having trouble sleeping, and that’s taking a toll on my ability to concentrate, as well as making me irritable, and excessively critical of everything I read.

So, if you’re wondering why you see me around the forum, but I haven’t messaged you yet, that’s why.



@The_Lady_Luck I would also like to co-create a game. Am not always online cause of school and lessons. So if you are interested, please reply.