Two people wanted for wip


Im looking for an editor , because I finally wanna put my ideas on paper.
(Or…em ,or screen…)
As in most cases im a long time lurker and have finally worked up some courage to attemp a hosted game.
I have done codeing some before.
I was hopeing for two people to join, and help draw up some ideas Up and help plot out a game.
Please dont pm me bacuse i wont be able to reply till tommarrow. Please comment if interested.


I can give ideas, but help write I won’t be able too since I am making my own game at the moment :wink: :slight_smile:


What kind of game are you interested in? Different people like different things!


I could help write. I’m told I’m good with plot and character description and development.


Okay cool. But yeah i was gonna throw some ideas around for characters and conflicts and see what happens . I wasnt looking for a specific genre.
But i was hopeing to get at least three chapters of a demo done before releaseing it as a wip


I can help with world and race building.


Hello there, just popping in to say that I’d be more than happy to help with all aspects.

I’ve been dropping in and out of these sorts of projects for years and could probably pitch in anywhere. While not particularly au fait with coding I can consult a wiki as well as anyone.

World-building is a particularly enriching hobby of mine so I’d be good to bounce ideas off of, I’m also passably educated and could probably plug any holes in the science or history parts of your story.

Realistically the area in which you would get the greatest mileage out of me would be as an editor, something I’ve been doing for other writers seemingly since the the late Cretaceous period.

Anywho, message me if you want to go on, I’m not working on my own game at the moment, so I’d have the time to help out.


@Moreau u Sounds like were two of a kind, once i figure out how to add the two you to the chat ill introduce you to the rest .


I’m also interested in helping on world building or drawing up some conpect art. I can help generate ideas but I cant be like a long term writer really :slight_smile: