Call of the writing


Progress on the game is moving forward but I find I could use a little help. The game is more on the massive side and could take me four years to write, and I have a dozen other projects I wish to make as well. So I was hoping to team up with a few writers that are interested in RPG style games. I need full stories that will integrate in to this world. I envision a world where the player can follow dozens of side avenues. The world is very much open to wonder so you may encounter more then you bargain for. You need not worry about coding the story as I will integrate the story into the world. Of course you will receive full credit, and a percentage of any profit for the game, depending on size and integration into the story.


I could help if you want?


I will pm you after work




Sounds interesting, I have plenty of free time if you would like some help.


@Azreal I will send a pm to you as well then :slight_smile:


i might be able to contribute. I’m sure I have some ghost hunting ideas in my backlog.


pm’s sent


I would like to help as well. :slight_smile:


Alright I have a long day ahead of me, but when I shutdown tonight I will pm all four of you late tonight with board abby. This way I can share info faster and not repeat pm.


Sounds good.


Well I put in 16 hrs today and have a long day tomorrow. So I only threw a up a few things and pm the link. Will add more tomorrow night as I have Sunday off.


I have less than a month till my birthday so i say im 16 even though im not 16 yet, is it wrong to say im 16 when i turn 16 in so little time my birthday is december 14th