Writing a new game

So, I just started writing a game today, should I keep going until I get a playable beta build ready (that would take about 1 week, with me writing nonstop), or would it be better for me to make a WIP post now and update it later?

I recommend…and this is solely from personal recommendation. That you get all that you can down. Fill in the codes when you can. Just a intro or whatever, a substantial…ish…demo and then bring it out as a WIP, something cog has something to work with ya know? Can’t really get thoughts or much ideas from something that people only have a description of if you know what I mean.

Although I am curious on the details of the game =p


Well, it does make sense, guess I am going to finish the first chapter before saying anything about it here, but thanks anyway.

By the way, it is going to be 100% free.


You aren’t meaning that wonderful sentence of, once it’s done you don’t plan on selling it, now would you =p, though depending on how long it is, wouldn’t want all that hard work not to go without its long term benefits :slight_smile:

I usually only write for fun, and I don’t like it when people go around selling their creativity, so, yeah, it is all going to be free :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t blame ya =p, but ah it is good to see hard work come to fruitation via funds. I call it a check for pains and grievances (late nights + coffee & donute bills) (though I don’t like either)

Lol but either way, I wish you luck, and look forward to seeing your game. I’ll keep my eyes out for it.

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Thanks for all the support at such an early stage!

Now excuse me, I gotta go back to my game ^^

Of course mate ^_^, best of luck

Heh, I have more then seven games I have started writing, but I like to start things more then finish, that’s way I won’t be posting and wips of my own ever mhahahaha. By that I meant, first see if you stick with your idea. If you like it after two- three days and still want to continue.

Starting something is easy as pie.
My “graveyard”
Story about monsters horror and blood (8k words), story about monsters hunters (3k) story about killers school, horror and blood (3k), story about geeks that play video games and fall in love (5k), story about god being born (358 words HA! i thought there would me more, shame), story about bank robbers and super villains (3k), kid being possessed by demon (4k) , life sim form birth to death (1k), story about MC that learns to tell the future by hearing electronic talk to him (1k), story about computer virus infecting an android and becoming sentient (2k)

That was fun, finding them all… I think that that is all… hope… Anyway all this in less then two months.

I myself have made promise post anything when I will hit 10k mark. Game i started two days back is now 5k, about MC that inherits a bar from his/her father. :smiley:

BTW good luck writing :slight_smile:

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Good luck in the writing. With any game its good to have a Beta stage so that you can get feedback aabout possible bugs or about the storyline before you release t. Thats an excelent idea!

That is a lot of unfinished stuff o.o

Just started writing my game yesterday, it was going to be a “You are the chosen one” kind of story on a fantasy setting, but then, after about 1000 words I started looking at my game, then at myself… I was using the most overused cliché ever!

Ended up erasing everything and starting over, but this time, I did something different, now the main character is not a hero trying to save a kingdom from an evil king or whatever, the main character is actually neutral.

I guess it suddenly became a parody of classical fantasy stories, but I am okay with that, because if my brain wants to write something, I gotta keep going.

3000 words right now, and most of that stuff is just the starting screen and prologue… this is probably going to take forever if I keep going at this rate, but I guess my OCD won’t let me scrap this project anyway.

This might sound crazy, but I am actually making sure that about 90% of the choices REALLY change something in the story!

EDIT: God dammit, looks like I ended up revealing too much info u.u

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Heh parody about chosen ones remanded me about one funny manga. http://mangafox.me/manga/dragon_s_son_changsik/ funny as hell parody done right. :smiley:

front picture tells it all. Someone old as hell becomes the chosen one by accident.


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